Monday, June 11, 2007

On deadline

I'm back in the writing game, doing a story due tomorrow in the midst of a busy day of classes, piano, and band practice. Also, I can't forget to send out a Father's Day card this week. So plenty to do, but blogging comes first (sort of)...

The band is going to start doing some rough demos this week. Just a couple of the new songs, maybe to do nothing with, maybe just to have, or maybe to post on MySpace. It will just be nice to have a version of these songs, especially ones that have been swimming around for almost six months now ("Shotgun Wedding" and "Loose Lips"). When I hear a recorded version of the song and can hear the piece as a whole, I always hear little gaps that can be improved or where a cool instrumental part could go, or even where lyrics could be changed to fit better. I always, always preach demoing an album before making it, but due to time, money, and effort, it rarely happens. And while I like the rough, off the cuff sound, I'm not certain it works for us a whole of the time. It actually works best when we know the song's intricacies so well that then we can reshape parts of it. Anyhow, as much as I'd like to even throw down rough versions of the rough songs we have (newer material), I'm not sure we'll have the time. We'll see.

Here's a working list of new tunes, that I can think of:
Shotgun Wedding
Loose Lips
Six Hours
Untitled 1 (a revamped "Gloria")
Untitled 2 (tentatively titled "Folded Flags," but I'm not fond of the name)
Like Secrets Beneath
She's A Bright Light
It's Gonna Take Time
You'll Be Crying Soon
Hum & Fade (a revamped version we've been trying lately)
Mike's 2 new songs (still a bit rough, unsure of titles)

Wow, that's 12 new songs -- almost a full album's worth of material. Expect to hear a few of these new songs at our big July 7 show at the Middle East Downstairs (speaking of which, the club has recently selected Why Twist The Hair to open that show... should be sweet!). I'd actually like to play a fair amount of new material, but we'll see how it goes.

Also, thank you to everyone who voted for us in the A-List Poll. The winners aren't announced until June 13, but we were a distant second at last count, so I'm not too optimistic. Even to place second amongst those bands is incredible though!

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