Friday, June 22, 2007

A little something-something

Let me add onto that last post, a mere supplement that wouldn't have fit with such inspiration of the previous post.

Two things, one good, one bad.

Item A: On Tuesday, myself, Chris, and Mr. and Ms. Juice (who are up here for awhile), attended a party at The Milkhouse studios, recently opened by Shane. You remember Shane, he produced that nifty little track of MK and I singing together last fall, "Like Secrets Beneath." Anyhow, we've been talking about doing our next project together, and I'm feeling it. I like the vibe of the space, and I think Shane and Kevin are great technicians. So, consider us in for sometime in the future to do some recording. Also, at said shindig, I caught some great bull stories from the Kalvin Koolidge boys, in advance of their mission to conquer the mechanical bull tomorrow night. Let's just say that Tom, in Mexico, participated in a 3-on-3 game of soccer with a bull running wild. You get the gist.

Item B: In planning post-7/7 shows, I've been sort of selective. Do we keep playing headlining slots or play more shows opening for bigger acts? I'd say we've been there done that on the first part. We need to be exposed to bigger audiences, I'd say. So, that's the key. Anyhow, while I realize that the band isn't in a position to demand whatever we want, I do think we can ask about payment, testing the waters of compensation. That blew up in my face this week. Apparently bands should be happy with what they get -- true -- but also, what's the harm in asking? My point exactly.

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