Tuesday, June 12, 2007

For the record

I'm in the midst of wrapping this story, just waiting for a couple sources to call back, which gives me a wee bit of time to chat.

So, I'm still trying to iron out the details of the demo recording this week. Yes, we PROBABLY should practice for our show this weekend in NYC, but we've been sounding pretty solid lately, so I'd rather get this new stuff prepped. Anyhow, the guy says he will lay down drums in our practice space (we'll see how that goes) and maybe bass at the same time. My hope is to take an hour or so out of Thursday's practice to get down the shells of about six songs. My hopes to record (meaning the strongest material or ones that I'd most like to have): Shotgun Wedding, Loose Lips, She's A Bright Light, Six Hours, You'll Be Crying Soon, and this new one I've got (the "Folded Flags"/whatever song). Yes, I realize it may be a bit premature to record that last song, but actually, it sounds really solid and I think doing a demo of it will actually improve the song just a bit more, as we can work out better harmonies and everything. It's worth a shot, I figure.

Anyhow, after Matt and maybe Scott lay down their respective grooves on Thursday, my hope is to get Mike and I over to the guy's house to do the guitar work Saturday morning/afternoon before we leave for NYC. Yeah, none of this demoing will be done in the studio, but who cares? Well, maybe vocals. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. The important thing is it's all free.



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