Monday, June 04, 2007

Behind shake

Hey there,
I'm going to try to keep it a bit more regular on the posting front, but for now, no promises. Things are nuts! But considering I have a huge block of time, what with a canceled class and all, I will post to my heart's delight.

Just a quick update: As Mike told you, practices recently have revolved around developing new material. Mike introduced a new one last night, a blues standard... not sure of its title. We've also been tuning up a couple that aren't quite ready for the bright lights yet -- oddly enough, a song called "She's A Bright Light," as well as "It's Gonna Take Time" and a newer one (which actually isn't that new, I've just been saving it up) without a title, but that is a tasty groove to munch on. Plus, we jammed out a little ditty I've been fooling with lately. I'd like to get a couple harmonies going in these new songs now, because they seem to have fallen by the wayside without acoustic practices. Even "Shotgun Wedding" would benefit from some other voices at a certain part. But all in all, pretty cool stuff.

We may do some recording soon. Apparently, we can get a block of time, probably for free, and push out some decent sounding demos. Hopefully this month. Then, I can post them to the old MySpace for all to learn. At this point, I'd have to guess that we'd lay down "Shotgun," "Loose Lips," probably "Six Hours," and maybe a couple others. We'll see.

Also, before I forget, as almost a note to myself: I am terrible at mailing out CDs these days. I've reallllly fallen behind. Tonight, package four CDs with inserts and send them out! Do it, Glenn!

Finally, I have fallen behind on posting others' words about Cassavettes. Here's Jed Gottlieb of the Boston Herald before our TT's show (also take a look at the permalink for a Slow Century mention!):

You are what you listen to. Thankfully this local band has been listening to a lot of Neil Young and alt-country (and maybe a smidge of jazz). Expect lap steel and, if you’re lucky, some mouth harp. Fellow good-rockin’ locals the Appreciation Post and Self-Righteous Brothers round out the bill. Tonight at T.T. the Bear’s Place, Cambridge, 617-492-2327.

Boom, baby! Also, here's my most recently published musical musings, if anyone is interested. And, if you're even more bored, here is an article with a few quotes from me on the future of journalism. Read and be merry.

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