Thursday, May 17, 2007

Secret and kind of sorry

Ay yi yi. Time to get back on track.

We played the Lily Pad in Inman Square last night, a venue I've never tried as either the LP or Zeitgeist, but have always wanted to. It's just a store-front room with a grand piano and sound system. Either way, while playing the grand would be a rare treat, I didn't get the chance. But I did get the chance to try out Otter and Steel Rail over at the Druid before the show. That was a good time.

The show was a secret. We were told not to promote it, just to come play for One Eyed Stanley's only show this year . I'd never heard of or met these dudes, but I dug what they were doing. Nice tunes, excellent melodies, they really stick with you. Either way, they had a nice crowd going, but most of them left to head back to Newton by the time we took the stage. So it was yet another show playing for a small crowd (we haven't done anything big since the Rumble, over a month ago!), but they were nice enough to pay us. As a result of it being a Wednesday, not our day (two broken strings -- Scott and myself), a restricted sound (there had been noise complaints and we had to keep it way, way down), and just generally a sort of tired mood, we cut the set down to play just songs that are new -- meaning, not on the last record (although some have been in rotation for a few months). The main test was for "She's A Bright Light," a song not even close to completion that I'm hoping to have ready tight as hell for the July 7 show. We also tested out "It's Gonna Take Time," which I think folks will like.
SET LIST: It's Gonna Take Time (debut) / You'll Be Crying Soon / Six Hours / She's A Bright Light (debut) / Shotgun Wedding

Afterward, we loaded the stuff into our new house, which I have hopes to be our new practice space, if set up properly. So we're skipping practice tonight (we can't practice there YET, plus I need a day off anyway, as do the dudes) and working this weekend to get the basement set up. I guess we'll see!

Also, special thanks to Ryan's Smashing Life for naming us MP3 of the week last Friday!

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Dudes been slacking on the blogging

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