Thursday, May 17, 2007

Secret and kind of sorry

Ay yi yi. Time to get back on track.

We played the Lily Pad in Inman Square last night, a venue I've never tried as either the LP or Zeitgeist, but have always wanted to. It's just a store-front room with a grand piano and sound system. Either way, while playing the grand would be a rare treat, I didn't get the chance. But I did get the chance to try out Otter and Steel Rail over at the Druid before the show. That was a good time.

The show was a secret. We were told not to promote it, just to come play for One Eyed Stanley's only show this year . I'd never heard of or met these dudes, but I dug what they were doing. Nice tunes, excellent melodies, they really stick with you. Either way, they had a nice crowd going, but most of them left to head back to Newton by the time we took the stage. So it was yet another show playing for a small crowd (we haven't done anything big since the Rumble, over a month ago!), but they were nice enough to pay us. As a result of it being a Wednesday, not our day (two broken strings -- Scott and myself), a restricted sound (there had been noise complaints and we had to keep it way, way down), and just generally a sort of tired mood, we cut the set down to play just songs that are new -- meaning, not on the last record (although some have been in rotation for a few months). The main test was for "She's A Bright Light," a song not even close to completion that I'm hoping to have ready tight as hell for the July 7 show. We also tested out "It's Gonna Take Time," which I think folks will like.
SET LIST: It's Gonna Take Time (debut) / You'll Be Crying Soon / Six Hours / She's A Bright Light (debut) / Shotgun Wedding

Afterward, we loaded the stuff into our new house, which I have hopes to be our new practice space, if set up properly. So we're skipping practice tonight (we can't practice there YET, plus I need a day off anyway, as do the dudes) and working this weekend to get the basement set up. I guess we'll see!

Also, special thanks to Ryan's Smashing Life for naming us MP3 of the week last Friday!

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Monday, May 07, 2007


My apologies for the brevity earlier. As I wait for Matt to pick me up from work to head to practice, I can fill in the details of recent days and weeks.

New York was a blast. A surprisingly good time. We played a tiny place called John Street Grill, we didn't promote it, and no one was really there. It's part of the Original Sessions competition, which I'm still not sure what the pot of gold is at the end of that rainbow. Either way, we've been doing well in the competition and this night was no exception. Our set sounded great, everyone had the right mood, and the few people who were there seemed to dig it (meaning friends and family, and other bands' family and friends).

One of the many perks of Scott, Tara, Chris, and I's recent move to Somerville is the possibility of a practice room in the basement (it'd be cheap... if we insulate properly) and the current acoustic jam room that Scott and I have been utilizing. We're filling out some tunes really nicely, as we've worked together on "Withering On The Vine," "It's Gonna Take Time," "Hands," and a couple others. I'm loving it. Plus, rumor has it that Matt, Mike, Julie, and Melanie are all looking at places in Somerville. Could be a total partytown! Meanwhile, I'm pumped to be doing new stuff in practice, and in small doses. We're really starting to refine some of these tunes. Delicious.

Class starts tomorrow. Bummer. But this semester has cool classes. Cool.

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I'm still without Internet, and thus behind on my posts. At the top of the agenda is an update on Saturday's NYC gig -- poorly attended, not promoted, but one hell of a show. Why? I'll tell later.
SET LIST: You'll Be Crying Soon / Loose Lips / Shotgun Wedding / Debts / Like Secrets Beneath / On The Lam / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Six Hours (debut) / It's Gonna Be Alright

Last night's practice revolved around three songs: It's Gonna Take Time, Six Hours, and She's A Bright Light. All of which sounded good. Details to come.

Finally, check out Jake Brennan's latest project. Nice choice of subject matter for this area for post numero uno. I'm pleased this project came through to fruition. As I told him when he filled me in on this in February, it combines my two favorite things, journalism and music. Throw the Mavs in and I'd be in heaven. Though maybe not this week...

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

New digs

My computer access has been limited severely lately by a move, but I just couldn't leave that last post without an update a second longer.

Things are looking up. I now live in Somerville, I just had to drive a Penske truck from Virginia to get there. Good times, lots of lifting. En route the soundtrack basically consisted of Willie Nelson, Los Lobos, Highwaymen, some scratched-up Dylan basement tapes CD, a 3-song demo of "Love, Prison and Trucks," Duffer, and more Willie Nelson. Plus, a sample of Willy Mason, which wasn't awful. Plus, I spent some quality time with the family, which is a big bonus. And I got to see the sprawling beauty of Secaucus, N.J. from a hotel room (which I dreamt was on the moon last night. Cool, eh?). I still have yet to get a proper night's sleep in a week, despite not having school (though I did get 3 As and an A- for the last semester).

Also, adding to the joy of the moment (read: of the moment), the Mavericks escaped catastrophe with an improbable (God, I hate saying that) Game 5 win. It just took a superhuman performance from Dirk, but hey, I'll take it. They play tonight and oddly enough, the odds are stacked against them. Bill Simmons is predicting their demise, due to fan support in Oakland. Whatever. I wouldn't be happy with a loss tonight, but I'd be less disappointed than a loss in Game 5 at home, and with only one win. Perhaps I've come to grips with the Mavs slips (boo ya), or maybe I'm just hoping that they remembered how to win. Plus, I read somewhere that said perhaps the Mavericks were meant to open the playoffs the same way they opened the regular season, with four terrible games. Well, we all know how that went. 67-11 the rest of the way. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm driving the big truck over to Jamaica Plain soon to check out if I want a real piano, found for free of Craigslist. It's a great resource from free pianos, since people simply don't want to move them a lot of the time. Hopefully this works out, but I somehow doubt it will.

After that, it's band practice. I doubt we'll do much new stuff tonight, but rather just focus on getting our heads in the game for Saturday's show in NYC. Should be cool!

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