Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New songs galore!

Holy moly! I just finalized my final final! No, that's not a typo, I mean I wrote my last final. Once I turn this in tomorrow, I'll be so pumped up and relieved. Yet, I still very very badly need to pack. Will do soon!

Anyhow, a lot of the focus in the band right now is to get some new material flowing. I know Mike's got a lot of new stuff that sounds pretty sweet, and Scott may even have a song or two. Perhaps Scott will prove true my claim that he shall be Cassavettes' George Harrison, busting out a true gem from nowhere after being pressured for tunes. Anyhow, I've got some stuff, too, some pretty cool stuff, but nothing that's really made my tail wag yet. That's probably just because I haven't had a whole lot of time to sit down with a guitar lately. So, the band has purposely tried to air out our schedule for the next couple months for two reasons: 1) we've been playing a lot lately and may have maxed out our crowd, plus we want to hype up our 7/7/07 Middle East Downstairs date and 2) we need to have practices where we're not practicing for the next gig, but rather, practicing new material. Because besides "Shotgun Wedding" and "Loose Lips," no songs have really permeated our regular set yet.

Here's what we've got right now, by my count:
-"Shotgun Wedding," about the closest song we have to be good-to-go; just needs some revised lyrics and perhaps a harmony part I've been mulling over
-"Loose Lips," sounding better all the time, but just needs to get tightened up at points
-"You'll Be Crying Soon" (two versions; one slow, one fast), the fast version is almost there
-Mike's new song, he told me the name last night but I forgot it
-"It's Gonna Take Time," which still has a ways to go as we develop it, though I think it has enormous potential
-"Like Secrets Beneath," it still sounds best when MK joins us in my opinion, but it sounds better with the full band than I thought it would
-An untitled revision of a song called "Gloria," which also sounds best with MK
-The song I introduced last night, "She's A Bright Light," which is obviously a ways off but also has the potential to be another piano pop song in the vein of "We Could Be Solo Acts"

We've put a few songs on the backburner, too, including "One Step Ahead" and another one of Mike's songs. Who knows if they'll ever be resurrected? Also, we haven't devoted much time to a couple things we just screwed around with. So, now's the time to mess around with the songs and see what comes out. It should be really, really fun.

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