Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mischievious New York nighttime

Yesterday was weird. For lack of a better word, it was a weird, weird day.

We were set to play a label showcase (or was it a battle of the bands? [or was it a regular performance?]) in New York City. The plan was to leave early, about 1 p.m., so we could kick around the city for awhile and not be incredibly rushed like the last time we went to NYC. Well, we got to our practice to find ourselves locked out, short on rent (long story). We finally got in at about 3:20 p.m. and packed up quick, and hit the road by 3:50 p.m. Now, because I rode with the speed demon Matt, we got to New York in record time, by about 7 (with two stops!). Anyway, we were playing at Blaggards, an Irish pub that greatly resembled Hennessy's in vibe. I saw a dude I went to college with and a girl I met my freshman year. Totally wild.

Since we alotted that extra time, we grabbed a bite at Duke's NYC (sucked) and then came back to see the first band do its thing. By the time we hit the stage, probably well after 10 p.m., Scott had had a hand massage, Mike had had stomach pains, Matt had started wearing his hat backward, and I was feeling weird. And my amp broke -- I used the last band's Marshall halfstack. And the PA only had one monitor, on the other side of the stage. So, I don't know how well I played. But we played, and all I recall is that the rarely played "We Could Be Solo Acts" sounded pretty damn good. Besides that, due to the sound, it was tough to tell how we did. Whatever.

I immediately left the stage and was bought a shot of Jack which was OK with me. And the hang time afterward was really, really fun. We stuck around until NYC laws forced us to move our cars at 2 a.m. One of Julie's friends from childhood came and needed a ride. However, while it was quite easy for us to get where we were going (straight to FDR Drive), she didn't know where she needed to go. We ended up lost in Manhattan, then lost in Brooklyn, then she got out at a train stop and we were just plain lost. Two gas stations couldn't tell me where we were either. By the time Matt's friend gave me directions via the phone it was 4:45 a.m. Julie did a good job getting us on the road and back toward Massachusetts, and immediately everyone around her fell asleep. Fritz took over at a rest stop and we ended up back by about 8 a.m. Not too bad.
SET LIST: Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Shotgun Wedding / Debts / The Nadir / We Could Be Solo Acts / On The Lam / Loose Lips / Research Blvd / It's Gonna Be Alright

Now, I have a terrible cold and a headache from lack of sleep. Boy howdy, it was a weird one, but hey, we made it out OK. Now, I face some of the craziest, toughest weeks of college. Starting this week: Islam exam, music presentation (maybe?), rewriting my listening journal, finishing projects for Online Jrn and Design, and starting final projects for Islam and music. Plus, we have a show at Great Scott on Tuesday! Oh, and I got more hours at work -- meaning I'm working in another department. That may or may not be a good idea.

Here's the hoping I get through this.

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Anonymous mel said...

this reminds me of my birthday in NYC and how we got directions from that girl pam's apartment so we wouldn't get lost, and then i took a left turn where only buses are allowed to take left turns after midnight, and so i got a $90 ticket, and then it still took us a while to find our way out.

NYC is a crazy, maze-y place.

08 April, 2007 17:38  
Anonymous fritz said...

i think we got lost 'cause us dudes were being hilariously distracting in the car, especially prankster/jokester sco jo aka tim leary's little bro! haha!

good luck on the busy week glenn!

09 April, 2007 06:07  
Anonymous glenn said...

no, fritz you couldnt BE MORE WRONG. we got lost because that girl had no idea where she was or where she wanted to go. it happens a lot with new yorkers who claim they know their way around, but only once have i known someone who actually knew their way around NYC.

thanks for the luck, though. ill need it.

09 April, 2007 07:40  
Anonymous scott said...

yeah i have met many people who claim to know their way around new york, but none who actually do. sometimes i feel like even my limited knowledge of just comprehending numbers and letters helps me get around the city better than self-professed "experts". as a wise man once said about the crazy, maze-y place that is nyc, "in case you haven't noticed, it's a jungle out here. try and keep up, bitch."

09 April, 2007 15:41  

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