Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#1 Fan mail

I just received a half-addressed manila envelope with no return address, except "#1 Fan." I bet it was Kier. Inside, there was a review in What's Up Magazine of "Whitewash the Blues." It's not an old issue that I just hadn't seen before. It's just a new review of an old CD.

Texas transplants The Cassavettes are part Elvis Costello and part Elvis Presley. They may be new to town but that hasn't stopped them from bringing their unique blend of pop, folk, jazz, and country to clubs up in these parts. Boston's been treating them well too, recently naming them the "Best Local Band" in the 2006 Boston Phoenix reader's poll, and nabbing a 2006 Boston Music Award nomination. This six-song CD is packed with top-tappin' sing-alongs, but I have to confess, my favorite tune here is "Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This." Fans of Boston's own Jake Brennan will like The Cassavettes.

The first time I met Kier, long before Cassavettes was even an embryo, I gave him a burned CD with a few Duffer songs, some solo songs... a veritable "greatest hits." Bless his heart, he reviewed that, too! And Nina walked all over Boston looking for What's Up Magazine because I was in Texas when the review ran. Ha. Crazy times.

Anyhow, there's a show tonight at Great Scott. We're playing second. I don't expect a huge crowd, because we didn't promote it since we only found out about it last week and things have been crazy. Either way, the other bands are really cool and I expect it to be a lot of fun. So, if you can make it, feel free to shout out suggestions. We'll do whatever you want tonight. ANYTHING.

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