Sunday, April 29, 2007

The gist

No one's awake for me to talk to about this, so I'll air my concerns right here. The Mavericks lost tonight, game 4, putting them down 3-1. This is bad. Really bad. Curse-worthy bad. FUCK.

Now, as I've said, I consider the Mavericks a nice analogy, a parallel even, to our band. The same desire, the goal-oriented approach, the occasional getting off track. I take it all very seriously. It's hard for me not to. I'm very invested in both, and have been as long as I can remember (except I'd be speaking of music on the whole, more than Cassavettes which is two years old). Last year, when the Mavericks said they were going to the Finals, people laughed. They did it. And they thought they proved it. But when they got there, they folded, one of the worst collapses ever. The only way to redeem yourself, I figured, is to go back and finish the job. But they aren't. Now, they are on the brink of being the FIRST EVER number one seed to get beaten in a seven-game series by a number eight seed. Humiliating. Unbelievable. And they deserve to lose. They are playing like crap, like they expect it to be handed to them because they had a great regular season record. Now, I'm not going to go over the Xs and Os of why I'm mad at the Mavs and everything that has gone wrong. I'm going to clarify what I was talking about in this space earlier tonight.

Cassavettes, like the Mavericks, are a team. We practice, we play hard, and we have our eyes set on a bigger prize. Like individual accomplishments mean nothing for the Mavs, I'm not satisfied with what we've achieved so far. We have a long, long, long way to go. Hey, we exited our playoffs in the first round, too. But that's just the way it goes.

Now, what drives me the CRAZIEST about the Mavericks is their apparent lack of desire. They say they want it, but they have yet to prove it. Play like you want it. Every single game. That's what the champs do. That's what we need to do, too. But we aren't.

We get unfocused, lackadaisical, and yes, I'm as guilty as anyone. There needs to be no long-term lapse in confidence or focus. Bad games happen, bad shows happen. But you overcome and win the bigger prize, if you stay focused. So when I criticize the Mavericks or ourselves, I'm not saying it's a lack of talent. It's not. It's a lack of desire, or rather, a lack of proving that desire. On the court, on the stage. You can say you want to win a championship, but that doesn't get you the trophy. You have to go through hell and back to prove you deserve it. You have to be baptized with fire, and branded a winner.

That's what I'm looking for. The killer instinct, the focus. We need to want it. Really badly want it. Can't sleep at night want it. The Mavericks need to want it. Cassavettes need to want it. But more than anything, we need to prove we deserve it.

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Anonymous chris said...

We need to find a place to watch the game tomorrow night, dude!

30 April, 2007 20:40  

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