Tuesday, April 03, 2007

End rumble

I am OK with losing, especially to bands I respect (Baker won, and we've asked them to do a show with us in May). You never know what the judges are really looking for, or how their votes will tally up (one of the judges did say that we scored well enough to still have a shot at the wildcard, but I'm not sure how that works). Last night, we made a few new fans and (surprisingly) got rave reviews from the press folks that were there and the former manager of Letters to Cleo, plus others. It shows we're on the right path, we just need to keep working it. And that's really the best you can hope for: to turn a few others onto your music and spread your name around a bit.

We played a set that ebbed-and-flowed like our normal sets (fast start, slow down, speed up again and finish hot), but that is tough to accomplish in a brief seven-song, 30-minute set. I feel like the crowd and judges may have wanted blistering rock or bouncy energy through and through, which isn't really our thing. We had a good time onstage and, despite a few whoops moments (Scott's bass getting unplugged while he was trying to kick Fritz [totally Fritz's fault], my voice barely holding up, major feedback on the mics, Mike and I's guitars being out of tune like crazy, Mike's guitar cutting out during the intro of "Alright"), we also had a lot of really encouraging moments. Mike played the lap steel better than he ever has, and his harmony in "Like Secrets Beneath" sounded really sweet. This may be the best Matt has played drums at a show in a long time, too. Just playing The Rumble is an achievement in itself, and I'm really proud of our group for doing its best. I'm also thankful to those who came out and supported us, despite it being a Monday and some people being tired from playing in NYC last night. You are the greatest.

SET LIST: Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Shotgun Wedding / Debts / The Nadir / Like Secrets Beneath / On The Lam / It's Gonna Be Alright

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Blogger Henry said...

It doesn't matter... we all know the real Rumble happened outside in the alley.

btw, it was great to finally see you guys play, you sounded great!


03 April, 2007 11:40  
Anonymous glenn said...

this guy rules. henry, you rule majorly.

04 April, 2007 09:41  
Anonymous fritz said...

whatev. it wasn't my fault, glenn.

04 April, 2007 16:18  
Anonymous glenn said...

that was sarcasm, duder.

05 April, 2007 06:03  
Anonymous glenn said...

and in addition to henry, one more praising of shred. he gave me the award for best shoes of the night, as i proudly sported the $400 cowboy boots i received from TD. shred rules. TD rules.

05 April, 2007 06:05  

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