Sunday, April 22, 2007

Diamond in the rough

Once again, I've gone a good while without a post. At least I've got an excuse... I've been writing papers. So many papers that I skipped work on Friday just to write! But it will all be over soon. That's the good news. The bad news is the Mavericks lost game 1 of the playoffs tonight. What the hell?

Anyhow, quick report on the last two days, which are the most significant since last we spoke. (Oh, but Friday night, Scott, TD, Fritz, Chris and I caught the Rumble finals and saw many a friendly face. No one would have shocked me in those Finals because I didn't know any of them going in. Township ended up stealing it, which is just fine by me, plus Jen and Andy are happy and that makes everyone happy).

Yesterday, we played the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester with out buddies Slow Century. McLaughlin, the frontman of said rockers, is a HC alum and obviously, still a big man on campus, as shown by his fancy attire of pressed white shirt and fine white shoes. When we got to the college, we thought we were running late, but alas there was a long wait in store for us, as they changed stages and sound equipment. To pass the time, we raced up a very vertical hill and Scott and I rolled down it. My rolling was actually the product of not thinking, I just kind of leapt into the air, sacrificing my body for comedy. But as I rolled, not knowing how I'd stop, I hit a bump and in cartoonish fashion, landed back on my feet. I knew this was the start of something really great. Later in the evening I tried my first-ever cartwheel in earnest and apparently got on both hands before falling over backwards. I thought I tore my ACL for a few minutes, but I played it cool. Anyway, beyond amp trouble, the show went pretty well. We played a breezy, outdoor set comprised of songs we dig and songs we dig but don't play much. Many folks got theirs at this show -- Laura Owen's birthday rock tune, as well as shout outs to Diamond Danielle Metterville, Frugal Fritz Ceriales, Crazy Caitlin Barrett, Chris, McLaughlin and The McLaughlin parents. Then Slow Century's Diamond Greg Salvucci got the beats thumpin.
SET LIST: Better Than This / Empire Central / Debts / Shotgun Wedding / The Devil's Arms (happy birthday, Laura) / Loose Lips / We Could Be Solo Acts / Trouble From the Start / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / It's Gonna Be Alright

Tonight, after I banged out 10 pages on Islam, we practiced earlier so we could catch some Mavs action (yeah, THAT was worth it). The practice mostly consisted of tightening up newer tunes, plus Mike introduced a really nice little countryish tune. It reminds me of a Dylan song... one of his newer songs, like "When The Deal Goes Down." Don't know why. Either way, I play organ and harmonica and the song swings. Nice work to the McMan. Then, we worked on "You'll Be Crying Soon," which is becoming more and more a barroom rocker. Plus, it's allowing me to tighten up my chops. I like that. It would have been a good one for rumbling, but whatev. We also gave "It's Gonna Take Time" a little bit of love, and I think I'm okay with the fact that it's only about a minute and 45 seconds long. That's kind of cool, actually. Maybe we can do a medley of that and "Honeybee." That'd be sweet.

Anyhow, bed now. More writing tomorrow. Then practice. Then packing. Then more writing. Then more packing. Then moving. Then resting. Fun times aplenty!

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Anonymous chris said...

Technically you referred to Caitlin as "Crispy Caitlin Barrett!"

23 April, 2007 11:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you chris! i was just about to clarify that myself but saw you beat me to it. also, don't forget the gem of the nicknames: jesuit julie quates

-crispy caitlin

23 April, 2007 13:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR PLAYING ME A BIRTHDAY TUNE! love the song, love you boys, love it all.


23 April, 2007 13:52  

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