Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This is my 100th post since I launched this blog in September. Pretty cool. Just looking back at the last few months, I've had a number of "Oh yeah!" moments. Plus, yesterday, I updated all the show posts I've done with photos from the event. I really should stick in the flyer, too. Once I have more time... This is a show post, but it will not have any pictures, because I don't think anyone took a single picture last night.

Last night, we played Great Scott for the second time in three weeks, doing an emergency slot as the second band on a Tuesday night. Pretty rough. As a result, we did no promotion besides a half-assed MySpace and Facebook message. Even most of the faithfuls didn't make it, maybe because they'd seen us twice in two weeks. Apparently, Scott likes playing a laid-back, no-pressure show once in awhile, but we then all realized we just played that on Saturday in New York (although we did somehow "win" that night). Either way, there's very little good that can be pulled from last night besides how cool the other bands were (Illinois and The Big Big Bucks) and the guarantee Carl gave us.

This was one of those performances. So bad that I couldn't believe the sound I was hearing onstage. Now, yes, we are our own harshest critics, but holy smokes, it was B-A-D. I'm not quite sure why, either. Most of the songs had been rehearsed a lot in recent weeks for our various recent showcases and shows. Maybe we were all tired and uninspired, to borrow the saying. But with the exception of "Whitewashed," we played like it was our first show -- or that at afterHOURS a couple months back. The good news is we rarely play two bad shows back to back (I can't remember if NY was good or not, but apparently it was good enough), so we ought to turn things around before the next gig (April 21 at Holy Cross in Worcester).
SET LIST: Shotgun Wedding / On The Lam / Whitewashed / The Nadir / Loose Lips / Lightning In A Bottle / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Debts / Shine A Light

Now the focus is on being more selective with shows again. We've tired ourselves out over the past couple months (we haven't toured enough to have a tolerance built up to constant gigging, though I imagine constant gigging is easier than semi-frequent shows that never allow you to catch the groove), and we just need to get back to the practice space and work on new material and see where it gets us. So, we'll only be doing two more shows this month, a maximum two shows in May (we're already playing May 25), and MAYBE one or two shows in June but only if they are outside of Boston (Ralph's again? Portland? Providence? Anywhere else?). That way, we're in gear and it's full steam ahead for 7/7/7 two-year anniversary party. Speaking of, anyone have a good spot for an after party that will be open? Miller will sponsor, but we need a spot, even a house. It needs to be able to fit a fair amount of folks, too.

I'd like to play with a few bands we owe debts to over the summer, and I'd like to make it down for one more big NYC show (outside of this competition). Maybe go around New England a bit, too. In August, I'd like to set up a show when my whole family is in town for graduation, but only if it works out. I think that would be really special, though.

For now, I need to finish this semester and then move to Somerville. Then, I can really start planning for the future.

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Anonymous fritz said...

i took pictures but once again, my stupid replacement camera made it all look blurry or they missed "the moment" because the shutter speed is so slow...almost three seconds after i press the picture button! yuck! i'll post them up soon.

13 April, 2007 16:07  
Anonymous melonious said...

speaking of milestone blog posts, you never did your 2006 year in review post.

16 April, 2007 06:29  
Anonymous glennonious said...

i did, though. i just didnt finish. i the end of 2007.

17 April, 2007 08:26  

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