Sunday, March 25, 2007

You can't please everyone

Here, I post everything. Even if it's bad. So, a blogger came to the show last night and went gah-gah over Hallelujah The Hills (not surprising; they're awesome). But yeah, not much of a taste for us. Ah, well.

If you want any dirt, your only consolation is that I thought the headlining band of the night, Cassavettes, was not so good. They were adorable though.

To each his or her own. That's the way it goes.

On a more positive note, Alex from The Sterns mentioned us in the Herald for his SXSW wrap-up. Pretty cool!

Also, Matt told me about a Rodfest review in The Noise that we all somehow missed! It's here, if you scroll down, and they have some notes for us.

When Cassavettes hit the stage, I can see that this group has a strong following: their fans are very enthusiastic. Their songs have a nice craftsmanship; they’re well constructed, tight, and pleasing. They choose a couple of tunes in their set that are a tad low on energy but they are completely capable of rocking out. Maybe it's a lesson to be learned: put a great deal of thought into the set list, especially if, like Cassevettes, you actually have talent.

I figure set lists should ebb and flow a bit, so that's where that comes from. We always try to start hot for 3-4 songs, cool it down, bring it up slow, and end hot as hell. That's the gist. Thanks for compliment on the talent!

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