Friday, March 30, 2007

Press wagon

The Metro asked us two questions of what we'd do with fame, seen here (click to page 19).

Who: Cassavettes
What: Country rock
Why do you deserve to
win? “Ay, them’s fighting words, boys.”
Recipe for world peace?
“Steal the song from ‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey’
that brings world peace through their laid-back message of love.”

My personal favorite response is from Age Rings:
Why do you deserve to win? “We do?”

At the same time, The Boston Herald announced their Rumble predictions today, picking us to give Aloud a run for their money, and still wind up a wild card. Fate could be worse.

Monday: Night 2 -- Cassavettes, Aloud, Ark Royal and Baker. The Herald selects: Aloud. The arena-rock showmanship of Aloud pulls out a close one against the alt-folk uprising of Cassavettes.

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