Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Rumblings

Scott and I mixed it up at a Rumble pre-party the other night, bowling at Kings. Twas a good time. A rundown: Scott stole my boots. I asked Shred for help. Some dude bought us shots. Chris got sick and angry. A good time was had by all (except perhaps Chris).

Continuing on the buzz about who will win the big gig, someone picked us to advance (though I'm having some difficulties with the page now and he misspelled our name).

Rumble picks Slim pickings for talent this year. You can find me at the club (Harper's Ferry) on Sunday, Tuesday after rehearsal and Thursday. You can listen to all the bands here. My picks: The Silver Lining, Casavetes, Protokoll, UV Protection, Township, Eli "Paperboy" Reed. Wild Cards: Aloud and The Self-Righteous Brothers


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