Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Drowning still

I really like those Bostonist folks:

Local heroes Cassavettes, Hallelujah The Hills, and Lady of Spain give you your rock money's worth and then some at Great Scott. We know that Cassavettes at least were lurking around SXSW this last week hoping that they'd be discovered. They'll be back in Boston but who knows, maybe they signed with a major label and we'll be saying goodbye to their regular local sets in the near future. Get to it while the getting is good.

That show is this Saturday. It seems a long time away, as I'm still trying to recover from missing a week of classes. First up: Oh right, a midterm. In an hour. Fun fun. The band skipped practice last night so Matt could hang with an old friend, which worked out fine for me. We rescheduled for tonight, and we'll see what happens. Hopefully, we can get some new songs grooving.

In related news, I'm working to set some things up for May and June, maybe a big show with some locals we love, and still keeping my fingers crossed we'll land in Toronto in June for their big festival. I re-worked our Sonicbids account recently, that was my big task, and now I'm under the gun. No fun. Back to work.

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