Sunday, February 25, 2007

Try this as a lullaby

Last night, for Elyse's birthday, we had some serious karaoke action at Limelight. Mike Naughton and I paired up on this classic number to uproarious applause. By the time I arrived to the party after a journalism assignment, Scott, Chris and Dan were leaving, and Matt and Mike were nowhere to be seen. So, I felt that Tara, Fritz and I were a little out of place, but we were still in good company. After all, it was Elyse's birthday so we got down to biz -- Fritz did a stirring rendition of "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It." In short, it brought the house down.

Practice tonight should be sweet. On Thursday, we played a lot of new songs and they were feeling good. One song I had kind of given up on was a tune tentatively titled "It's Gonna Take Time" but after a decent performance by the band of it on Thursday, I'm rejuvenated. I also tried out a couple other tunes -- "Old Town," "Hands," and another I haven't finished nor come up with a name for. Mike also debuted a new tune or two, but I don't know the titles. Also, the cover is sounding good and is almost ready for a performance Friday.

Should be swizz.

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