Thursday, February 22, 2007

New CD review and a lesson the hard way

Today, I was surprised to stumble across a just-posted review of the new record. The writer is complimentary, and fair, at the same time. We didn't completely rattle his cage, and that's OK -- we know, despite our best efforts, that we can't become everyone's favorite band. So, like I said, this review is a fair analysis.

With an easy country shuffle It’s Gonna Change conjures up images of flannel shirts, jeans, and high-top sneakers with a anxious but hopeful youth as kicking about abandoned grain silos littered with broken whiskey bottles and crumpled cans of beer. It is a roots rock album that pulls a page from the Mellencamp and Young songbooks focusing on the struggle to make ends meet and that twitchy state of boredom that is marks those final steps out of the teenage years.

Again, a fair bit of text is given to analyzing "Lightning In A Bottle," a song that somehow suggested it would be a press-friendly track when we recorded it.

“Lightning In A Bottle” hints at their live sound with it stretching out past the nine minute mark and featuring several tempo shifts. The halfway point sees the band step back, stretch, and relax into a languid swing that would fit just right under the stars on a humid August night.

That last part sounds like Scott wrote it. He LOVES taking it easy. Anyhow, we appreciate the kind words, and the thorough reporting.

Last night, Mike, Dan, Chris, Fritz, Tara and I spent $60 to see Andrew WK -- my personal philosopher -- do a DJ set at Shine. First off, Shine totally blows. They had an age limit of 21+ for men, 19+ for ladies. What's with that? Anyhow, after this prevented Dan from getting through the door, we were about to head out when I happened to find myself standing right next to Mr. Wilkes-Krier. "Well, at least we got our requisite WK sighting," I said to Mike. Then, I asked him if he could help us on the age thing. Like the true nice guy he is, he did -- he tracked down the owner, and kept us posted as things developed, and finally we were let in. He thanked me for telling him about the age limit.

That's when the fun ended, because the rest of the night was spent listening to crappy techno and dance music that was NOT spun by Andrew WK. Instead, he was surprisingly aloof, and somewhat, dare I say, PARTIED OUT. He mingled a bit, but often stuck near his cameramen. Besides, he was getting mobbed by all the kids who normally attend "Paper." So, we left at 12:15 a.m. and I went home to write a paper.

Apparently, Fritz went back and WK was performing two songs on a small piano, before the kiddies got too rowdy and the bouncers broke everything up. This is what I hear through the grapevine. Either way, the night was a total waste of money and time. While I still love WK's philosophy, it was very strange to see the perpetually-happy man in an almost downtrodden state. Well, maybe not downtrodden or gloomy, but certainly not energetic. I guess everyone can't be "on" all the time. But if anyone could, I'd expect it to be him. A small part of me died last night.

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Anonymous James said...

I'm glad you appreciated the review. I certainly like the sound that the band is working on and am hoping to get myself up to Boston this summer and catch a set at one of the clubs. Anyways, thanks for cutting an album that had me smiling over past memories, its a rare thing to have a new piece of music hit that nostalgic spot. ;-)

22 February, 2007 09:40  
Blogger Elyse said...

Man, I would have loved to see Andrew W.K., even if it was only a brief door encounter. Too bad the rest of the night was a let down.

22 February, 2007 15:30  
Blogger Fritz Ceriales said...

here is the little video i took after we all got kicked out. even on the sidewalk, the power tripped bouncers were still telling us to keep it down after we were chanting andrew wk's smoke show. he didn't say much about the smoke show, except that it's going to rock!

22 February, 2007 16:10  

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