Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's cold out there

It's about time. We got our first big snowfall of the season today, and I'm ready for it I tell you. I've been really into this Campbell's Chunky soup lately -- chicken corn chowder -- and it's like a commercial when you eat it with a big snowstorm going on outside. Pretty cool. Anyhow, I may also have mono (along with nearly everyone else), but it seems mild, and it's not slowing me down.

The majority of band work lately has been directed toward Texas and new songs. We've pretty much got a bill set for our March 11 show in Denton at Rubber Gloves, and guess what? The Sterns, also a Boston group, will be there with us! It's going to be awesome! Also, there should be two local Dallas groups -- The Tah-Dahs and The Grassfight. It promises to be a good night. I wrote the band a long e-mail the other day, outlining some thoughts about the rest of our Texas trip, including a possible Waco show which could give us some essential gas money at the end of the trip.

i am working on setting up another texas show and i realize this idea may not initially be that popular, but i am in negotiations with a bar/club in WACO (yes i know) called texas nights that's supposed to be pretty cool. the motivating factor? ...this may be our ONLY paying gig, and could really help with gas and not put us as individuals in a huge financial hole. plus, its apparently THE drunken hotspot for baylor and it's on st. paddy's day! march 17. this means we'd have to miss at least one night of sxsw (assuming we dont get a gig that day that would cancel this one out). what do you think? ... it looks like everyone WILL need to be there from march 10 (or very early 11th, though id rather not) until march 18. jimmy has agreed to take whoever needs to be taken in, as well. we have a tentative drumset, 2 definite guitar amps, and a definite bass amp. working on keys. ideas? we need to bring our own guitars (if you want and i would suggest after last time's atrocity). i think that's about it. here's a tenative schedule i'm thinking about:

march 10- fly in, eat good food, see good folks, make sure we get ALL equipment
march 11- hang, play RGRS
march 12- hang a bit in dallas, pass out cds
march 13- head out EARLY (8 a.m. or 9?) to san antonio, play show and, if we cant find anywhere to sleep, head to austin after the gig (i think its 2-3 hours?)
march 14- hopefully we can land an austin show this date, if not we pass out demo cds everywhere and check out jake's show
march 15- this is the date im eyeing for the cafe show in austin
march 16- the who show
march 17- hang in austin, start heading back mid-afternoon, play waco?, head back to dallas afterward
march 18- wake up, fly back to boston.

Also, while we're in Texas, it looks like I may be keeping a diary for and The Globe, which would be really cool. I could focus on Boston bands that are there, so if any bands know they're going to be there, let me know. We're also on the trail of a couple more Austin shows, a cafe show and a full band show at Rudimaya.

We still need to firm up our Providence date, Portland date, maybe a New Hampshire date at Space, as well as our 2-year anniversary place. Soon, we find out about the Verge Conference and hopefully get more details on the WBCN Rumble.

I've been listening to a lot of Dylan lately, probably because in my class this morning we did a few analysis projects with "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" and some other tunes. Last night, I spent a long time working on the Who's "You Better, You Bet" which I have now close-to-perfected. It's going to be an awesome cover, if that's the one the band agrees to do.

I also set up a website devoted to pre-Cassavettes group Duffer at Friend us!


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