Monday, February 05, 2007

Back from New Orleans with a tale to tell

Though I tease you with a tale to tell, I shan't tell it now. Not enough time. But I can tell you that I'm sore in my neck and back, still slightly queasy, and never want to smell a White Russian again. That's a gist, of sorts. Instead of the tale, for the moment I'll direct you to this very blog getting some love in Worcester Magazine this week. If I'd known when writing that blog that the fine people of Worcester would see it in mass (no pun intended), I would have gone into depth a bit more. But alas, such is this crazy life.

Anyhow, I feel a bit out of the swing of things since I left for the weekend. Think of all the e-mails and MySpace messages I've missed -- oh my! So, I hit it as hard as I could last night and I'll try to do some in between work, class, band practice, and writing a column for the newspaper today. The good news is that 1) it looks like we MAY get a SXSW showcase (big thanks to Matt), though it may not be a traditional one (details to come on that as we get them) and 2) it looks like we may have another place to play in Austin that week (a smaller cafe), though we need to firm up a date. Plus, we're still waiting to hear back on another festival that corresponds with SXSW. The goal is to play as much as possible that week and right now it looks like this:
3/11 - Rubber Gloves, Denton
3/12 - Probably a day off spent lounging in Dallas, but we could play Pflugerville if the band wants or possibly Waco or San Marcos -- we'll discuss the options soon
3/13 - Red Room, San Antonio (South by San Antonio Festival)
3/14-3/17 - Austin (we're looking for 1-3 gigs, hopefully a showcase at some festival, a store performance, and something else -- two are in limbo)
3/18 - fly back to Boston, however, if we can make it back to Dallas with spare time, I'd like to do a special house party/performance to celebrate the end of this trip. Working on that, too.

It's looking good for the band to be hitting on all cylinders by the time we roll into Texas. We have so many shows in advance of that trip it's outrageous -- and HEY, one of them is a FREE one tomorrow at Northeastern University with good buds Cherryaxe. In fact, we've got so much going on in the next couple months that we're turning down shows lately -- something I really do not like to do. But we're overbooked through the end of April now and so we have to take it easy and see what comes our way in May and June. We have some really amazing gigs before then, so we want to just kind of see what crops up in early summer before booking hastily (with no offense to what's come along thus far; this is just a safety precaution). Besides, we can wait. There may be a few wisps of a plan to hit up NXNE in Toronto in June, but we have to wait and see our selection status (it's a couple months away). But, just like newspapers always think one day ahead, we're always thinking several months ahead.

A couple goals:
- In the next week, I hope to firm up a Providence gig and a Portland gig that we're playing around with in April. We may have to abort plans on both.
- In the next month, I hope to confirm our two-year anniversary date (tentatively scheduled for 7/7/07) and place. Then, we can put together a radical bill!

Anyhow, that's the good word. I'll check back in soon.

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Anonymous Jenna said...

Oh MAN! You know what sucks is that my Spring Break starts on the 18th (when y'all leave!), but I've still got that entire weekend beforehand, which is the silver lining to this small rain cloud. ALSO, as SOON as you set a tru date for your 2 year anniversary show, let a girl know, because I have my mind PRETTY set on the idea of being there for that.

06 February, 2007 21:20  

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