Monday, January 29, 2007

Worcester, the town that sticks with you

As Fritz posted on my Worcester wrap-up, there are indeed photos from Saturday night's show at Ralph's. However, they are from a camera phone. Regardless, one struck me, so I re-touched this shot of Mike tossing a balloon into the audience, amidst the carnival-esque lights.

Anyhow, more on Worcester. Apparently, Worcester Magazine saw my recent tag on the Ralph's wrap-up and this blog will be featured in their next publication! Wild, eh? It feels strange writing up someone writing about this blog that I write on them about. It's like one big circle that just keeps turning.

Anyhow, interesting show at the Bulfinch Yacht Club tonight with Cassavettes and good old buddies Dirt Water Refuge, and Nathan Ryan. We'll be playing almost all b-sides from "It's Gonna Change" (songs we love but that just couldn't fit), new songs, covers, and perhaps some jazz oddysey. It's cheap ($6), so if you're around, you won't want to miss this one.

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