Sunday, January 28, 2007

Woostah and more

Sorry, it's been a good while since I've written anything. I just switched to the new version of Blogger, so I now must conform with Google rules. Still seems cool, though. Quick sidenote: yesterday, Chris and I watched this Neil Young performance from the Harvest-era on VH1 classic and it was totally weird. Everything he played was a "new song" and he'd introduce it as such and then play "Heart of Gold" or "Out on the Weekend." And he was actually apologizing about this! Like, "Sorry to hit you with all this new material." I hope that crowd knew how lucky they were. I talked about this last night, and dedicated it to a Canadian in the crowd. That's as good a way as any to get into the fair amount that happened this week. I'll start with the most recent stuff and work backward.

Last night, the group played Ralph's Diner in Worcester. The last time we traveled out to Massachusett's no. 2 town we played the infinitely smaller Java Hut. It was weird, and a long time ago, so we shan't discuss. Regardless, last night was interesting. There were promises of a "built-in crowd" for Saturday night gigs, so regardless that we were the headliner, there were supposed to be a few people out. Interestingly enough, the crowd seemed to shift band-to-band (and there were a whopping SIX bands on the bill, meaning we didn't play until 1 a.m.). We brought more folks than I anticipated, and despite some early grumblings about playing so late (not realizing that Worcester folks don't travel via the T, and thus aren't used to leaving at midnight), it was a really sweet show. The place is cool -- this was my first time there in general -- and I feel that we played a decent enough show despite only getting about 30 minutes to do it. No pictures or video, though.
Set list: Shotgun Wedding / Shine A Light / Loose Lips / Trouble From The Start / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Debts / We Could Be Solo Acts

Either way, the club wants us back, which is always a good sign. Also, when we arrived at the club we got our first peek at the new issue of Performer, which features a live review of our Dec. 9 show. It's pretty good on the whole -- they pegged me as being uncomfortable that night. That's true, I had finals and was out of my element. Since then, I've decided not to let there be any internal distraction when onstage. And I've kept that promise thus far. So, the review was pretty good on the whole, considering that Dec. 9 was one of our "off nights," in my opinion. So, I'm pleased with it. The only bummer news of yesterday is that we did NOT get one of the festivals I had high hopes on, the Heart of Texas Festival in Austin. I wrote a follow-up email, just in case they reconsidered, but these days so many groups submit to those things, it's hard to discern. Plus, they favor Texas bands, according to submission guidelines. I guess I couldn't spin our Texas tale to sound Texan enough. Ah, well.

On Thursday, I got the day off work (computer problems) and so I spent most of the day doing promotional stuff with Chris. We sent the CD out to a few publications and got in touch with some press contacts, I mailed out some CDs internationally (we've had a surprisingly large amount of interest overseas lately... strange, eh?), and we put our discs everywhere in the city we could think of. It felt really productive. I've got to do that more often. We must have cleared 150 discs in one day. Something like that.

Still, plenty to come -- a show on Monday at the Bulfinch Yacht Club in the North End with a couple good buddies.

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Blogger Fritz Ceriales said...

Here are pics from Ralph's Diner. Sorry for the blurriness. I just had my cameraphone since my camera is in the shop getting fixed.

29 January, 2007 06:03  

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