Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Solo act? No, not really

Still, not much time for blogging these days. But here's some important news: I played a solo show for the first time in ages on Saturday. And correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe the last time I played a full-on solo set was at Rubber Gloves in Denton, Texas, when I played "Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This" live for the first time and Scott, moments away from moving to Boston, told me it was a rocker. That'd be June 2005. Anyhow, I decided last month that I'd like to play solo shows every so often - not because of problems with the band, but actually because it gives more flexibility to the band. In theory, I could play a solo show the same week as a Cassavettes show without drawing away from either and still get paid and sell merch at both. And I need money now, in a pretty big way. So it's all good.

Anyhow, the show was at Northeastern University, opening for the Times New Roman comedy troupe, and it was OK at best. I played a bizarre set, including a song I had written the morning of the show called "You'll Be Crying Soon," which actually got the best response of the night. By best response, I mean the sound guy had high praise for it and told me to get a recording of it -- pronto. So, that was cool. To the best of my memory, I played the following set:

1. Ambivalent Farewells
2. Seasons
3. Set Free
4. You'll Be Crying Soon
5. Rainy Days
6. Like Secrets Beneath

It was a good time. I meant to make "Rainy Days" into a medley with "It's Gonna Be Alright," but I wasn't feeling it and kind of concluded soon. It's alright. I also wore pants with a huge rip in the crotch which led to a joke about my hogan. S'all good.

Anyway, I've been feeling really good about the band lately. We've been playing some new songs, and I've been really feeling them. Well, most of them. I'm not too hot on one of my own right now, and I think it may need to be reworked a bit. But for the past few weeks, we've been working on a (hate to say it, because of it's negative Phish connotation) "jammy" song called "Shotgun Wedding," a piano-driven song of mine called "One Step Ahead," and a new one by Mike that I'm not sure of its title. Kind of an epic-sounding song. Then, in the last couple days, Mike and I have both introduced new songs that have a feel good sound. Mike's is perhaps my favorite song he's brought to the group in a while (Scott rather astutely compared it to the Lemonheads, which is a huge thumbs up in my book); in fact, the feeling I got when hearing it for the first time was a lot like when I heard "Trouble From The Start" for the first time. Kind of nodding along, thinking, "Yeah, I can see where this is going" and then coming up with a little dippity-do-da for my part. Meanwhile, my latest for the band is a song called, "It's Gonna Take Time," which is a conventionally-structured pop song. One of my first in awhile of that variety. It makes me feel like "Carolyn" in the way it came together. Scott's got some issues with the way it's being played on the whole by the band right now, but we'll get that all smoothed soon, I'm sure. And if not, I've been very productive lately, and I have a lot of stuff to show.

The big question I keep rolling around in my head is whether the band should play songs like "Like Secrets Beneath" and "You'll Be Crying Soon." I'm really into those types of tunes lately. Even if they don't sound like us, I think it could expand our sound a good bit. Into quieter areas that is... Besides, "Set Free" was on the last record, so these could make an interesting new dimension of the band. And both call for more instrumentation, if we see fit.

Quick final notes: New shows are posted (and will continue to be posted), the new record is now on iTunes, and we'll be playing live on TV on Friday. We have nailed down March 10-18 as our Texas tour dates, and we just need to book some more shows and see what happens with SXSW and related festivals. More to come later!


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