Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Quick blog run down and the vibe that keeps on giving

Nice write-up about "On Our Own" on ThaBombShelter, a Columbus, Ohio blog. Check it out here. Plus, nice words about the group in general.

Cassavettes are Texas by way of Boston. Furthermore, according to the readers of the Boston Phoenix, this is the best band in Boston. Now, I can't really speak for Boston, having never been to Bean Town, but if these guys were from Columbus, I might just be forced to agree. With some roughness around the edges and some grit in the recording, I can only imagine how great these guys might be live. They've got a sound like a soul-tinged love child of The Avett Brothers and The Old 97's. There's twang and dueling vocals and harmonica, which is just what this blogger needed once winter finally decided to make an appearance in Columbus. They make me long for some banjos and bluegrass and Americana (yes, with a capital fucking A).

Good practice tonight, despite the blistering cold (it's about damn time, right?). I think we'll play two new songs on Friday -- "Shotgun Wedding" and Mike's new Lemonheads-y one, which I just found out is titled "Loose Lips." Pretty exciting, eh? Plus, the performance is being filmed for Dirty Water TV, which means that a good portion of our day on Friday will be captured on film in some way, since we're playing the Fox 25 Morning Show that morning.

Anyhow, really good vibes flowing in practice lately. Don't believe me? Check this testimonial from the bass slapper himself.


P.S. One more note. I know I write about the Mavericks a good bit (like here) -- and recently said coach Avery Johnson isn't content even with the best performance. Here's proof, from the Dallas Morning News:
Guard Devin Harris said Johnson's video sessions can last as long as 45 minutes and tend to focus on defense. Johnson finds flaws even in Mavs' blowout wins.

"It's not so much nitpicking," Harris said. "Those kind of things will win playoff games for us."

That's exactly what I was talking about! There's always room for improvement, and as long as no one perceives as being TOO nitpicky, you're fine. There's nothing wrong with aiming high.

Also, in blog/new media AND Mavs news, it says the Mavericks are launching a site called MavsWiki.com that will feature the team's history and game recaps and allow fans to comment and post photos. Wikis are so wacky. Prominent blogger/mentor of this blogger Dan Kennedy must be loving this!


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