Friday, January 19, 2007

Longest/best day in history

What a crazy night! Man oh man, what a night! This may be the most fun we've ever played, besides MAYBE our one-year anniversary. Rodfest SOLD OUT the Paradise Rock Club -- capacity 650! That's twice as big as any room we've ever played. And for those keeping score at home, that's THREE, count them, THREE consecutive Boston sell-outs for Cassavettes (12/9 CD release at the Middle East; 12/15 Milky Way Holiday Party; 1/19 Rodfest at Paradise Rock Club). Though, that figure is arguable for these reasons: the Milky Way holiday party was free and just hit capacity quickly and Rodfest was just a flat-out excellent bill put together by the man I have the most respect for in all of Boston music: Kier Byrnes.

Now, it's too late to get into how long this day really was, so here's a short summary. I didn't sleep last night, but my buzzer went off at 5:15 a.m. this morning to head to the practice space than Dedham to play Fox 25 Morning News to promote tonight's show. We did, and it's posted here. Though, for the record, this clip is the WEB clip and not the same interstitials and what not that ran on TV (plus it doesn't include the interview). Luckily, Aram taped it in high def and we're working to get it up on YouTube pronto. So, upon arriving back in Boston, Scott and I hung and then I had to clock in for my FIRST DAY at a NEW JOB. No joke. I was way out of it. But a co-worked alerted me that Cassavettes had a huge picture in the Boston Globe today promoting Rodfest, so that was cool. From work, I went straight to the club and got ready for show time.

Oh, also, before I talk about Rodfest, we confirmed a show in Worcester next week at the excellent Ralph's Diner and posted another show for 1/29 at the BYC with John Mazcko's new/old group Dirt Water Refuge and the reliable Nathan Ryan. I was really pumped to see Johnny and co. promoting that show tonight at Rodfest, passing out flyers and promo CDs! We've got some other exciting stuff coming up, too!

Now, onto the actual show. We played second, but already the room was packed. The crowd was surprisingly into it despite the fact that a) we played 2 new songs, b) we played a 10-minute song (during which I attacked Shannon, kind of unfairly, but she seemed to be cool with it so it's all good), and c) most of them didn't know us all that well. But that's music for you. During our big closer, the standard "It's Gonna Be Alright," we got some folks onstage and had ourselves a bit of a hoe-down. And then we heard it was sold out.

I'm just so happy we could be a part of something so special. I'm very thankful to Kier and all the other excellent people and bands involved. And I'm obviously sounding emotional, but tonight was emotional. Tonight is a good example of the reason I started playing music. What a night.

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Anonymous fritz said...

dude i am glad you FELT IT! because so did i!

20 January, 2007 01:53  

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