Saturday, January 06, 2007

Be back soon

I know it's been a long, long while. The last two weeks I've been in Virginia, New York City, and now I'm entertaining a couple friends from Austin, Texas. The other dudes have been in Dallas and Maynard. So, it's been busy.

Meanwhile, the band has been good -- we did our first practice of 2007 and it felt good. We just need to shake off the rust and keep grooving it. Feel me? Don't forget there is a big show Jan. 19 that you MUST be at. Read Scott's update on the feeling right now here.

Also, I'm still working on 2006: A Year in Review. It's been dragging a bit, but I will get on the ball soon. I promise. Then, it shall be posted right here.

In the meantime, please note that our new CD is available for purchase at Shipping and all! If you already have the CD, please write a review at the bottom of that page. It really helps! Also, please spread the word and buy, buy, buy! We're still paying off huge debts on this one. Early sales have been good though, really good.

OK, I'll check back soon.

Love, Glenn

P.S. Doesn't this seem fishy? Like, really fishy? "Weird weather"? They aren't even trying anymore.


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