Saturday, December 16, 2006

Two shows, one killer evening

OK, right now I'm not in the best shape to write at length. Tonight, I caught the Lemonheads at Avalon and then high-tailed it to the Castlebar to see an amazing Neil Young tribute put on by the Cult of Point Break Society. Apparently, I'm not OK to write, but I'm OK to hyperlink. Either way, this show was a revolving cast of characters (good buddy Kier Byrnes of Three Day Threshold, Will Dailey, Matt from the Motion Sick) playing a fine tribute to Neil's Tonight's The Night. Totally fucking awesome is a good description. Kier is a good man, too, good times aplenty with the guy tonight.

I'll post more in depth about the Lemonheads show later, too, but know this: the new rythym section, borrowed from the Descendents, is about the best idea rock and roll has had this year. I can't recall being bowled over by a drummer that much. Totally cool.

OK, sleep now. Talk soon. See you real soon, too.




Anonymous sarah said...

that drummer was kickass.

17 December, 2006 08:11  
Blogger cassavettes said...

you got that right, ms. sarah.

17 December, 2006 13:09  

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