Saturday, December 02, 2006

Long time, no post

Sorry, things have been really hectic lately. An entire half-month has gone by, and you haven't heard a word from Cassavettesland. Well, due to continued papers to write, I don't have time at the moment to post all the exciting news (I hope to get a good long blog in this week), but I can give you the main points.

1) Today, we went to Connecticut to pick up the finalized CDs! They're all done and in our hands. God, I love that feeling of completion. Myself, Tara, Scott, Mike, and Julie went down in two cars and snatched these babies up. I'm psyched to get them a week early, but I'm bummed at having found out that after believing these to be entirely paid off, I still owe about $200. Total bummer. Anyhow, the big issue now is this: I think I'm going to start selling the CDs before the CD release show next week. Just to friends and what not for the simple reason that I don't want a huge line at the release show (not to be cocky) to discourage someone who would normally NOT buy the disc (like someone who doesn't know us but came to the show, liked what they saw, and wanted to buy a CD) from buying it. If I saw a band and dug it, I might still be turned off by an overactive merch table. Then again, I don't want the table to look completely unused. Note to self: Ask a few folks to help sell merch the night of the CD release, just in case.
2) We're trying to come up with some cool stuff to do for the release show. So far, a couple ideas have flopped and a couple are in limbo. And nobody seems to want to open the show with the chanty "A hop, skip, a jump away/Everybody going to celebrate" but me. Bummer.
3) Practices have been looking up lately. For awhile, they looked bleaked and sounded horrible. But I've been feeling good vibes in the space lately. I think we're returning to form.
4) We've got some big things coming up soon, including an awesome live performance and interview on WBCN tonight (Sunday). I'd post a link, but I'm trying to write this quick so I can finish a 10-page paper. Maybe I'll update soon. More details on the other big things soon.

OK, that's about all I want to say at the moment, but I hope all is well out there with you. I'm really, really, really excited about Dec. 9. It just could be the best day of our young lives. I expect a big crowd and some good times. You should, too. See you there?

Love, Glenn


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