Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Keeping busy

Oh man, it's almost over. I took the two hardest exams yesterday (including a law final that I may have totally failed, and may have failed the class for the first time ever... results pending), I submitted my final paper, and now I have one more final to go. Then, sweet freedom! So, here's the good news: Since we finally did what downstairs-caliber bands do (sell out the Middle East upstairs), the club is looking for a DOWNSTAIRS bill in the new year to stick us on. THIS IS GREAT! The goal for 2007 is to play bigger rooms, and already we're playing the Paradise Rock Club on Jan. 19. Plus, I just heard today that the Jan. 19 show has already sold 300 tickets, and it's about 450-capacity room, so get yours soon! Let me link to the event on Ticketmaster. So yeah, this is going to be wild. 2007 is shaping up nicely. I still have to put together a faux Texas tour in March, so I'm on the scent now. I emailed some clubs last week, and perhaps buddy bro bros Black Tie Dynasty will get us the hook up. Speaking of BTD, we saw them last night and holy shit they've come a long way. I shouldn't be surprised, I guess, with all the good things I read and the good records and all, but their live show was exponentially better than when I last saw them at Hailey's in Denton.

Now, this Friday, we're playing an intimate show at the Milky Way Lounge & Lanes, just a few holiday songs and our new single. Any requests? Hopefully, we'll move a few records and have a few laughs. It's the holidays, afterall. Good cheer. WERS asked us to do a live set in studio on Saturday, so I just have to check with my brethren on that, before confirming. I'd be into it. And I may play a basement show at the former Heats' house that evening, if we're done.

But as noted, with this extra time, I'm going to take in as many local shows as I can in the next couple weeks. Some that I would like to check out:
12/13- Dearborn Valley and Johnny Mazcko at SkyBar
12/14- Okay Thursday at the Abbey
12/15- Lemonheads at Avalon (but dang! we're playing the Milky Way, so nevermind)
12/16- Vital Might at Middle East downstairs (if we're through cutting the live set at WERS and I don't do the basement gig)
12/21- Christians & Lions at the Abbey
12/22- The Unattainables at the Midway

Then, I'm out of here. But see? Plenty of tunes going this month. I'll be busy, I guess. Plus, the Mavericks play on TV the 13th and 20th, so I'll have time to sit around the house, too. If anyone wants to go to these shows, let me know, I'm sure a group will go to a number of them. Or if I missed any, let me know. I'm always looking for a good show, good time. So, hey, it's a bit late, but I'm starting to feel the season (beyond this cold). Therefore: HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Let's make them great.

Love, G


Anonymous Jenna said...

I cannot WAIT to get this album and I am SO excited for you guys and I think 2007 will be so awesome!!! AH!

12 December, 2006 11:31  
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13 December, 2006 18:15  
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13 December, 2006 21:27  
Blogger cassavettes said...

damn this SPAM!

16 December, 2006 13:20  

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