Saturday, December 16, 2006

Holiday delights

The big holiday show was, well, better than I expected. We made a couple hundred bones, we got free pizza and drinks, and I played in an enormous stocking all night. All in all, pretty fun stuff. We were a little rocky, and Matt was a little wasted, but we still played pretty decent, I thought. I attempted a kneeslide in the stocking, but the wood floor was surprisingly obstinant. I was stopped dead in my tracks.

We opened with a solo Glenn rendition of "Time of the Year," a song I improvised for a CD sampler four years ago, "Snowman Meltdown in the Sham-Rock Greenhouse" for Derrick Sheen's startup Sham-Rock Records. It's only a minute long, but I got them to close the curtains and then open them for the big show, so that was cool. Plus, everyone was having a good time. Scott wore a nice Christmas-y sweater and a Santa hat, Mike wore a festive scarf and a sharp shirt, and Matt, well, Matt didn't do anything too seasonal, but his mere jolly presence is enough. Here's a shot of a couple of good boys, doing those good boy things...

So, as the season is now upon us and I'm still feeling the holiday spirit of last night's show, I'd just like to say thanks -- for everything. The year 2006 was a big stepping stone for Cassavettes, and it's due to folks like all of you that we were able to accomplish some of the things we did. Before the month is up, I'd like to do a month-by-month year in review. Maybe this next week. In the meantime, thanks again and have a happy holiday season!

Love, Glenn


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