Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hello, my name is Dr. Cheeks, sorry if I'm a little behind on my rounds

Busy busy week. Tuesday was the culimination of a lot of things: we got a Globe review as the CD pick of the week and we taped a live set for Comcast's show New Music TV. Plus, I'm finishing up with class and trying to "pimp" this record, as Ted Drozdowski says. Just now I'm reading the Boston Phoenix blurb:
Deeply-rooted rock with big nasty teeth is the specialty of Cassavettes (pronounced "cass-a-vetts," not like the director's name), one of Boston's best up-and-coming club bands. They've wrestled a mix of influences from the Band to the Byrds to the MC5 into their own contemporary distillation and packed it into their debut album, It's Gonna Change, which was produced by local singer-songwriter Jabe Beyer. The young foursome, who got the "Best Local Band" nod in the Phoenix's "Best" issue reader's poll earlier this year, celebrate the album's release with an excellent bill of buds -- Christians & Lions, Mittens, and Hats and Glasses.

I love the Jabe mention! Thanks to Will Spitz on that nice nod.

As far as the Globe review, it looks much more impressive in the print edition than it does online. There's a nice big picture, the nice headline "Roaring Right Out of the Gate," a shot of the CD cover, and an indication that it's their pick of the week. Really cool stuff. A GREAT press clip. Plus, reviewer Luke O'Neil chose "Lightning In A Bottle" as the essential track, which I find very intriguing. We always knew that song would make for great press fodder, but after it cleared a show out in August, the band had been down on that tune. Sweet redemption!

The New Music thing was pretty fun. Kind of weird, but fun. It was out in Springfield, so a good hour-and-a-half drive. The producer promises that it will be shown on select Comcast stations on the east coast, from Canada to Florida and as far west as Tennessee. I'm wondering how wide-spread it will be. Plus, it won't air for three months. When we first got there, it took the crew several hours to set everything up, so we just played around. Actually, we ended up doing several spur of the moment covers -- "Take It Easy," "Let's Get It On," "Folsom Prison Blues," etc. -- that were better than you'd expect. According to Fritz, our Marvin Gaye cover made one female staffer make a remark about getting hot from the tune, and take off her jacket. Thanks for the update, Fritz! Speaking of the boy, Fritz posted a little video from his digital camera of us wasting time, and the crew getting set up on Youtube (I apologize about the sound quality). Actually, it looks like he removed the video, but you can currently view it in the comments section of our MySpace. Pictures here (log-in req.). Some dude there kept telling how great it is to see young people appreciate country music, but he was more specifically referring to the Eagles than Johnny Cash, he explained. Hmm. And the host told us about his band, and wants to set something up. I'm always down. You know that.

Anyhow, I was not in a good mood after the thing was taped, even though I got free pizza. I don't know why exactly, I just wasn't. Then, later, I almost punched two guys in the face -- no joke. My anger only rose when we went to a gas station, Fritz asked me to pay, I got out to put it on my card, tape was over the slot saying credit and debit has to be prepaid at the register, I went inside and totally got hassled by the guys working the counter. First, he ran my credit card and told me to punch in my code. I said credit doesn't require a code. He said to do it anyway. I did. Declined, of course. So, then he realized it was a credit card, and asked for my driver's license. He said, "Texas, huh?" and gave me some shit about it. Mike said, "Yeah, we're from Texas." Mike left. The guy told me he didn't believe me, and refused to run the card. He said they don't take credit, an obvious lie since they had it outside and a Visa-endorsed logo on the door. He asked for a debit card, and I told him, pretty much verbatim (since I was at the end of my rope here), that he was full of shit and that he should run my credit card. He told me to give him debit or leave. I gave him debit, he asked me to punch in my pin and in my anger, I punched in the wrong code. It was declined, and he took great pleasure in telling me so. I explained that I had punched in the wrong code by accident, but the owner (I presume) didn't want to hear of it. He told me to get out, because he was tired of me wasting his money by running my card (apparently, it costs 25 cents to swipe a card each time, he tried to show me the machine's manual, but really that figure is nothing when I'm about to drop $10-30 on gas). So, I told them to go fuck themselves, and they told me the same. I've never gotten so heated in public before, everyone in the store was frozen. Those dudes chose a bad time to mess with me. Anyway, unfortunately, Fritz had to pay, so I paid for a CD for him and we called it even.

Now, on to better matters. My amp is fixed so I need to go pick that up today. I was shooting for a 6 p.m. practice, but it can't happen because Matt is working at the wine store late tonight for some reason. So, we'll do another deflated late-night practice. God, I hate those! I also need to email everyone about the show, probably tomorrow after I add on to the email list, and I need to finish establishing PayPal for web orders of the CD and shirts. Yeah, that will be cool. Tomorrow, I hope to re-do the merch box to make it shine for the big show.

Any ideas of how to make the show the best ever?

Also, this show is getting some nice buzz going on. We're the pick of the week at the Phoenix, Bostonist, the Globe's CD of the week, and local podcast Band in Boston names it their pick of the week and says the following between hosts:

Andy: If you're new to Boston music, I don't know if I can think of a whole lot better of a show.
(Cue the pick of the week themesong)
Andy: This is our pick of the week.
Jen: There's no question here.
Andy: I'm going to name my first child after this show.

Soon, those two fabulous friends will post the live sesh we cut with them last month. In the meantime, check out their 24th episode to hear a live version of "Debts," complete with an attempted call and response freeform rap that ended up killing the song. Oh, it stayed in. Yes, it did. And guess what?


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