Friday, December 08, 2006

Bogged down in blog log -- well, not really

Hey, no more sadness. I've forgotten ALL WEEK to post this nice blog review that Ryan's Smashing Life (which was just nominated for Music Blog of the Year! Help this guy out and vote for him!) gave us. Ryan has some really kind things to say, including the headline: "A Prediction: Cassavettes Will Change Boston." Thanks, Ryan!

Also, "Based on some early buzz, this might just be what you should be listening to this winter... Here is the new sound of Boston's indie rock!" Very kind words, sir.

One thing of note, though. Not to split hairs here, but just so we're not usurping another's crown, although Ryan says we won the Boston Music Award earlier this year, we didn't. We actually lost to a great band called Lucky 57. Here's a blog about that fateful night. But hey, who's keeping score?

I'm liking the buzz. I'm feeling it. Tomorrow is going to rule. Now, let's see if we can manage a rehearsal beforehand.


Blogger Ryan of the RSL blog said...

Hey thanks for the mention! With my top ten ranking (a shocker for how new I am to these affairs....) It has been a hectic week on the ranch. All of a sudden then mail is descending and so are the contacts from musicians.... I will be at the Cassavettes CD release show tomorrow though. I wouldn't miss it for anything.

Best of luck, Ryan

08 December, 2006 12:20  

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