Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Album reviews

So, that set on WBCN felt good the other night. Matt kept complaining that he thought he played bad but I listened to the rough tape Tara recorded straight from radio, and it sounded good. Plus, Scott and I's coughs did NOT prevail. Soon, the site will have the show archived and ready for listening, we'll have a higher-quality copy and we can post it (hopefully to our new website). Don't believe me? Read here.

Today, the Boston Globe gives us some love with the first review of our new album, "It's Gonna Change." It read like this:

There's charm to spare on the first full-length from urban cowboys Cassavettes. The Boston band, led by Glenn Yoder, a former Globe co-op, hangs fragile melodies, gloomy strings, and casually chiming guitar figures over a series of lived-in acoustic shuffles, swampy open-road stompers, and broken-down breakdowns. If the abundant harmonies waver at times, and the tossed-off tunes lose focus in a few spots, it's a testament to the likability of the record that minor missteps like that detract little. "Lightning in a Bottle" breaks the hang dog pace of the record's first half with a triumphant and ambitious up-tempo rocker that clocks in at 9 1/2 minutes. Sure, there are bits of Tom Petty and Neils Young and Diamond here, but that's par for the alt-country territory the band is mining. And besides, these 11 world-weary songs belie the band members' youth. They're probably still working their way through their first few broken hearts and bottles of whiskey upon which musical careers like this are built. [Luke O'Neil]

So, it's generally a thumbs up review. Of course, I had to be IDed to fit Globe policy, but man that detracts from the review. Ah well, whatever.

We should have another review coming in the Boston Herald later this week. Just checked on that...

Scott and I are trying to figure out how to do music licensing for TV and what not. Now, there's rumblings of talking to a suggested agent. We'll see what happens.

Yesterday, I finally loaded the album to iTunes but it won't post for 4-6 weeks. In fact, it's projected "go live" date is like Feb. 19, 2007. What the hell? I wanted the album to go on iTunes later anyhow, so that people would buy the hard copies we had printed, so that's OK I suppose. It will probably go live sooner, I'm guessing, though.

Tonight, we play on a Comcast public access TV show called the New Music Showcase. Should be really cool. It won't air for about three months though. But that could be good. I'm excited. My amp broke the other night at the radio station, though, and I'm borrowing our buddy Tod's amp for tonight. I better take GOOD care of that piece. GOOD CARE.

Anyhow, that's all for now. Hope all is well!
Love, Glenn


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