Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why we all will soon be hermits

I have to maintain a blog for one of my media classes, and this was such an intersection of two of my interests, I stole it and re-posted here. Enjoy.

Promoting your music to the masses can take a lot out of a band. Going it alone is tough -- lots of money, time, and effort. There are all sorts of tools out there purporting to help you, including this interesting little idea: stream your live shows. It's been done by the big guys, sure, but why not the little ones? Well, I'm looking at it right now and trying to figure out if: a) people would use it, b) how much it would cost, and c) am I smart enough to master the tools they provide.

While I'm promoting music services, here's just another little interesting one. If you've ever wanted instrument lessons but didn't have the time, now you can take them over the Internet. Ay yi yi. WorkshopLive takes you through the impersonal world of online tutorials.

Both are great ideas and will probably help a lot of people. But I can't help thinking -- if we watch live shows strictly online rather than supporting locals and if we take online tutorials, and if the Internet is constantly creating more jobs, could we live our entire lives without ever interacting with someone else face-to-face?