Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quick one

Dang, dudes, I keep forgetting to say that last week our friends at the Band in Boston podcast posted an acoustic version of "Seasons" that we cut at their studio a couple weeks back. On their Halloween episode this past week, which you can listen to here, you'll hear all sorts of good stuff, including Mike, Scott and I having a barnyard jam. I think "Seasons" comes in about 62 minutes into the podcast, so toward the end. They are going to post the full interview and jam session soon, though.

Also, quick note, Chris, Tara and I traveled to Norwalk, Conn., yesterday (total travel time: 8 hours, 30 minutes) to retrieve the promotional copies for the new album. Anyhow, they look good! We're hoping to send them out as soon as Monday, and in the meantime, just give them out all over town. Get that name circulating, you dig?

When I got back from the roadtrip, it was band time -- we did a really horrible practice, probably because I was so tired and irritable. This was so Matt could watch the Patriots/Colts game tonight, but it appears we're going to do another practice anyway. What a guy. Either way, I feel much better now. I just have to return Tara's mom's car.


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