Friday, November 03, 2006

Pressing on

I just posted to our MySpace blog about this, but I just discovered the following: Cassavettes has garnered a bit of favor in the press lately. Here is a live review from our Oct. 17 show at Bill's Bar with Alpha Juliet and the Colt Thompson Project. As I noted, just a minor problem, our name consistently appears with "the" in front of it. No big deal. A common mistake. Anyhow, if you don't feel like clicking the link, fine, I'll paste it below.

The Cassavettes have been attracting a lot of attention around town, having won the title of Best Local Band in the 2006 Boston Phoenix readers.. poll and having garnished a Boston Music Awards nomination for Outstanding Americana Act. These guys are turning heads and playing some big shows. Tuesdays are generally an off night but The Cassavettes pay no mind and their fans follow suit. A horde gathers in front of the stage dancing like it..s Saturday night. The music is tight and poppy, rooted in good ole ass kickin.. rock ..n.. roll. The riffs are off-kilter enough so that while it..s radio friendly, it..s not TOO radio an Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, and Mojo Nixon love child.

Also, keep an eye out on Monday, as a feature of Cassavettes will appear in the Boston Metro! We all did the email interview thing, four separate responses, yesterday. Not to be picky, but sit down interviews are more fun as we can play off each other a bit and follow up on points. Plus, then everyone has a fair chance to talk. But these journalists, as I realize, have a lot on their plates and sometimes just can't meet up. No big deal. I feel that. So, our solution in these situations is to just send back four filled out questionaires. I think it makes sense.

Hey, quick update, we got our new t-shirts in yesterday. Chris and I carried the enormous and heavy box all the way across the Fens to our shared abode, and then Scott, Chris, and I rolled the shirts. They look good. Comfy, too. Unfortunately, because of what they cost, I'm going to have to charge a bit more than our old shirts. These will be $15 each. Hopefully we move some on Monday!

Matt asked Chris to take over the consignment search, so Chris is trying to find time to do that. If he can't, I can do it, most likely. Also, in an easy going, low/no stakes conversation last week, Scott effectively shot down the idea to release "Shine A Light" (which hinges on a refrain of "If it's always the lesser of two evils, who can we trust to lead us?" which I took from an oft-uttered sentiment during the 2004 presidential campaigns) on our MySpace the week of the elections. With election day approaching, in let's see four days, the idea is out the window now. Scott's point: he doesn't like releasing the first or last song off an album. This would be the last. Fair enough, I suppose it does take some punch out of the climax of an album, especially a full length (this I say because we immediately released the last song off the EP last year, "Research Blvd." but that may not count because it is an EP and had significantly less prepartion behind its release). Thus, our next track on MySpace will be the dual vocal-ed "Debts." Maybe I'll upload later today.

And to wrap up. Jaclyn submitted the final art to Clay the other day, and as I never let the girl rest, I'm now having her do a sticker for the front cover. Also, Clay reports that the promos are ready to be picked up, so a few of us are driving to Connecticut in Tara's mom's car to grab them. Then, we'll send them out early next week. Things are getting close to GO TIME.

I tell you, though, man, I am ready for this album to come out. Really ready.


Anonymous Mike McCullagh said...

I'll tell you that I am ready for this as well. Personally speaking, this album is the best thing I've ever put my name on.

Julie and I are trying to make corn dogs. Their harder to make then you think. These corndogs may be the worst thing I ever put my name on, but I'm defending them RIGHT OR WRONG.

But I'm barely helping.

03 November, 2006 17:58  
Blogger Mike McCullagh said...

They're hard to make...not their. sheesh.

03 November, 2006 17:59  
Blogger Fritz Ceriales said...

sweet! i can't wait for the album to come out either....i'm excited to get me one of those shirts too :)

03 November, 2006 22:07  

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