Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Making music is what I'm all about

I realllllly haven't listened to much music this year. Well, that is, much NEW music. I haven't really gotten "into" anything. In years past, instead of getting each other Christmas/holiday gifts, my friends and I would all exchanges "year's best" mixes. A time-honored tradition, that, until last year, I managed to keep up with nicely. Last year, I made a mix but after reviewing it, I felt that I hadn't listened to enough new stuff to properly judge what exactly qualified for year's best (even if the mix isn't official and mostly acts as a time capsual, but all that is beside the point). Anyhow, this year, what I've heard thus far has been pretty good -- the Springsteen Seeger sessions especially, Neil's "Living With War," the new Willie/Ryan Adams/Cardinals collaboration I just got, and the long-awaited new Lemonheads disc. But come on, I already liked all of them. I haven't listened to NEW music in a long time, well, beside the bands we play with. So, as far as year's best on local albums, I could say Christians & Lions and Age Rings' new discs. We've got one coming out too, you know?

Anyhow, today was a fun one -- one for the ages. I was in the midst of doing all the things a busy bee does, including -- ay -- classes, possibly rescheduling tomorrow's band practice, a doctor's appointment, and firming up some t-shirt details, when all of a sudden, my phone rang. It was my buddy Shane, who had just freed up some recording time and wanting to know if Cassavettes wanted to cut some tracks. Sure, I said, since we have a few b-sides that didn't go on "It's Gonna Change." I checked with the guys, and sadly, they were busy. Matt had work until late, Scott is learning the bass parts to play a charity show (bless his heart) for his work's "Cheers For Children," and Mike I couldn't get a hold of. Anyhow, I told Shane we'd do SOMETHING, seeing as how the session was from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. and he was calling me with less than an hour before start time. So, I ran home and grabbed the guitfiddle, and then called up MK to see if she wanted to do a random session. She did, it being her first time in a studio, and she agreed to play some piano and sing with me. We did a song I wrote at 3 in the morning last night/today, tentatively titled "Like Secrets Beneath." I'm very pleased with it. I posted it to my personal MySpace, and it should go live in the next day or two if you're interested. Since it came together so hastily, I was worried that I might have accidentally lifted the melody from somewhere else, but I've been searching for a similar melody everywhere and can't find one. If you do, please let me know. These things happen, unintentionally, just from knowing songs and writing your own. Usually they are caught before recording, since you have time, but time is not something we had here. Anyhow, Shane and his bud Kevin (who mixed the song) operate a studio out of their basement and invited Cassavettes to come by and do those b-sides. BONUS!

A reporter from the Boston Metro emailed us last night to see if we wanted to do a story for next week for our Great Scott show. I'd love to, but with email interviews it's really tough to get everyone to respond. I told her that all four of us would respond individually to her questions and she can use what she wants. So look for that before our Nov. 6 show! Probably on Nov. 6...


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