Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's hard to stay upbeat

It better be worth it. Holy moly, it better be. So, after we got the CD promos in hand last weekend (by driving to Connecticut), after we bought mailing materials, after Chris and I snuck to a printer and printed hundreds of press kits and assembled them by hand (with some extra effort from Tara and Elyse), and after we made a production line effort last night (I tempted helpers by cooking them steaktips) to put everything together, including printing hundreds of labels and putting together the finished press kit (CD, press clips, bio/one sheet), Chris and I lugged (literally carried) two heavy boxes to the post office today to send out a massive promotion campaign. Now, this is paying dues. Putting these things together has been a HUGE pain in the ass, but this is the archaic "way it happens," and so I press forward. Once again, THANK GOD for Chris -- he doesn't even have to help. If he didn't, I'd be doing this alone, it'd take five times as long, and I probably wouldn't do a lot of it.

Anyhow, this whole process has cost us over $200, just to mail the 131 kits we mailed today. That's not including what it cost to get the CDs printed (oh, another grand or so). But today, when Chris and I showed up with the two boxes overflowing with press kits, the mailing guy told us we couldn't strike a deal (something I was heavily relying on -- media mail, anyone?), and that all he could do was sell us FOUR DIFFERENT STAMPS ($1, 24 cents, 10 cents, and 1 cent) for us to put on ourselves. So, Chris and I did so. We assembled them all by hand -- tape over the outside, all four stamps, and finally putting the FRAGILE stamp on each of them twice. It took forever. Chris had class about halfway through, so I did a lot by myself. I kid you not, it took close to two hours of standing at a post office, sticking stamps onto 131 packages. That's, let's see, 524 stampings, 131 tapings, and 131 fragile stampings. Yeah, it totally sucked. But it's over.

The first batch of press kits is out of our hands and will soon be at 100 radio stations, some blogs, record companies, and everywhere else. Pray that this pays off. Or just know that I will be.

Side note, I just faxed Clay everything for moving forward on production of the actual album -- should still have it in hand for the CD release. Well, of course we will. But it doesn't matter. I'm a bit downtrodden by the lack of enthusiasm over new shirts at the show on Monday, after we busted our asses to get them in time for that show (figuring people would be more willing to buy the shirts Nov. 6 than on Dec. 9, when they'll buy the CD). We moved less than 10, and I had to really push to sell that many. Ay yi yi. Sometimes, it is indeed hard to stay upbeat.

Anyhow, tonight, I'll drop some promos off in various record stores and stuff, and then go to see our friends Slow Century at All Asia. Maybe afterward I'll go to see Drag The River at the Abbey. We'll see.


Blogger Mike McCullagh said...


I love you. Those tips were tip top, and to have them delivered so graciously by beautiful friends was the icing on the...steak. Or brownie. Yeah, icing on the brownie. PLEASE let me know when we do things like this post office biz. If I'm available, I will absolutely help.

09 November, 2006 16:15  
Anonymous melanie said...

i will for sure buy a t-shirt at the december 9th show! i completely forgot monday that you guys had them ready, and i only had $4 after paying for me and ryan to get into the show (in hopes that ryan would talk with you about the website, which i don't think he did anyway)

oh yeah, and we should hang out soon...

09 November, 2006 22:27  
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Anonymous glenn said...

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