Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Update: How to manage?

OK, a couple of quick clarifications on last night's ranting post. I just spoke to Matt, and we're all good, but I wanted to make a few things clear and pull a couple key sections of the post.

1) I'm not asking for help. I can handle the workload, especially with Chris' assistance. See this line: "I'm not asking for anyone within the group to take a greater role, because I'm happy to do this for us and again, I have Chris to make the load lighter (thank God)." What I am asking is to not get griped at if some of the more minor decisions are made in a less democratic way. I'm not want to override any other member, nor do I want to operate in an underhanded manner. If things could be democratic, I'd love that. But so many little decisions need to be made right now, with the album coming out and all, that my role I feel enables me to make those decisions. As Jabe would say during recording, "You're speaking for the band." I just hope my decisions aren't causing problems. If so, please tell me and we'll figure something out.

2) I don't want to make an issue of this. See this section: "As I told Scott, I would never, ever want money to be a source of friction within the group. (On the same note, nor would I want betrayal of their trust over posting about them, so if this violates any bro codes, please let me know.) I would not want to put that band in a position to lose a member or break up over such trivial matters." I'm just writing my feelings, so that they know and so that the blog serves its purpose as a transparent window into the inner workings of the band. If this steps on any toes, I'd also like to know that.

3) I know the blog's mission isn't being fully fulfilled, because one member can't read this due to lack of Internet. Unfortunately, most of the contact we do with people outside of the band is through the Internet, and I can't call each member each night and brief them about the day's activities for an hour, so I try to include as much in this blog as I can. See here: "(On a side note, one of the motivations of this blog is that I found that the other guys in the band were reading it and getting an idea of what we were working on, because I often forget who I discussed what with. So, I may think I told Matt something (this is a random example), but in actuality, I told Mike and forgot to tell Matt. Hopefully, he can read about it in the blog though and bring it up to me, if he wants. While I was excited that this works in theory, I forgot to take into account that one of our members is currently sans computer and thus operating under the handicap of not having the same access to information as the other two members.)" However, I'm still doing my best to verbally brief folks, I just can't remember who knows what.

4) I know money talk is boring, and like I say, I wouldn't want to hear it either. See here: Money "often gets little to no response beyond bored looks or guitar noodling. Because if it's not your money, you don't care. Sorry, but that's true. I wouldn't either. Thus, I noticed long ago that my briefings were falling on deaf ears and I gave up talking about it." Even JUST NOW when we discussing last night's post and its implications, and I was just telling Matt about how I subdivided my Excel spreadsheet to pay my parents back first from all assets, then myself back at a 10% clip to the band's 90% (to replenish our financial resources, even if it means I don't get paid back for years), Matt admitted he was having trouble paying attention. No love lost here. I understand that. Money's boring and it sucks. But I'm just doing what needs to be done.

So, in summary, I'm not looking for an extra hand here. I think we'll be fine handling things how we've done so thus far, I just don't want to be upsetting folks if I have to make snap decisions. I think that's fair. But if other members want to get involved, I'm happy to delegate some of the workload. Matt said he had free time today, so I asked to fax the IPR proof form back to Clay at A to Z. I proofed the pages this morning and they looked GOOD. So, Matt's helping me out big time because now I don't have to search for a fax machine.

I think that's a good clarification...

With that out of the way, here's a quick daily update...
For the rest of the day, I'm just doing classes and taking care of biz before the Bill's show tonight. Chris, Tara (who has agreed to help me pick the best working girly shirt) and I are going over to the T-shirt place at 3:30. Then, we'll be on our way. Just waiting on a possible design from MK, but not holding my breath.

By the way, the band voted for Tim Jacque's yelling bear unanimously as the top t-shirt choice, followed by Dan's bear on a bike and Monica's bear in a crown. Funny, I didn't ask anyone to design a bear shirt, and yet every submission we got, except one, was bear-oriented. It's cool. We love bears.


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