Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stick to your deadlines

I always heard that. Stick to your deadlines. It's like the journalist's code, and in my various years of working the ranks, that was always wisdom imparted -- forcefully -- onto my soul. Anyhow, deadlines are big right now. I'm trying to keep a few of them, and yikes, it's tough.

Here's the skinny:
I want the artwork for the single from Jaclyn by Thursday. I don't mean to twist her arm, but in order to get those promos out in any sort of timely fashion, I'm going to need to send out the master by Thursday. It takes 15 business days, so we'll assume, I'll get the 1,000 discs by Nov. 2 -- which gives us just over a month to promote the single before the CD is released on Dec. 9. YIKES! But the ever-helpful Clay of A to Z, who I am now very much in favor of using, sent along some guides to the promo artwork:

For the layout on promos, I usually recommend:

Back of traycard: Band name, album name, street date of album, numbered tracklist with the track times, band/album bio, website & myspace. Just remember not to go crazy with the design since that is what college radio deejays and press people are looking at to quickly get info.

Inside of traycard: contact info (phone number, e-mail, website & myspace), any band photos, etc.

Disc face: band name, album name, street date of album, numbered tracklist with the track times, website & myspace

Easy enough. So, I sent Jax the e-mail and we'll see if we can pull through with deadline number one. This also sets up a subset deadline of deadline one: By Nov. 2, I have to finish drafting the press release that will be included and by Nov. 3, Chris and I should have everything addressed and ready to be sent out in mass. Deadline two is for the shirts to be released at the Great Scott show on Nov. 6. This may be a tough one to meet since, well, I don't have the shirt designs yet. I hear Dan has a couple kicking around and if he can get those to me this week, I may be able to get an emergency order run off by Nov. 6. We'll see.

We posted our new single, "On Our Own," on MySpace today. I couldn't upload it to my computer without it being turned into a stupid M4A so Chris uploaded. After changing the bitrate a bit (HA!), he got it to go through. But now NONE of our songs will play. MySpace we need you now! We'll keep following this one.

Also, we have not adequately promoted our show next Tuesday at Bill's Bar. Last week, I asked MK to do flyers for the next 3 shows (Bill's, Great Scott, and the CD release) or as many as she could. She was revved about it, and said she already had some ideas in mind. However, if I don't have a flyer in hand by Friday (deadline 3), we won't flyer for this show at all! So we'll see if that one comes up roses. Regardless, I think it should be a good drawing show, because it's 18+, nearby and an amazing $5!

Last bit of news is a bummer. One of our favorite bands, who shall remain nameless at this time, dropped out of the CD release show today because they got a huge show in NYC. While we're very excited for them, this puts us in a bit of a bind. The club has tried to tack on a couple foreign bands, that hopefully can draw, but on our part, we need to really stack this bill with great-drawing awesome bands that we love. Mostly we need to sell out the club. Simple as that. So we'll need to track down at least one more for this baby. Suggestions are always helpful, but I think we have a couple in mind.


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