Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Now YOU bust MY balls!

So here I'm sitting, full of pasta, and Chris tells me that Bonehog got a quick mention in the Northeastern News this week. Fancy that. Here's our part:

Afterward, the Northeastern metal band Bonehogg played a short set reminiscent of '70s rock 'n' roll giants The Rolling Stones. They also covered a song by the band's alter-ego, the Cassavettes.

Ha, there's a lot that's funny about that. First of all, two of my bands are mentioned there and neither one of the names is correct. Where did they get Bonehogg with 2 g's? In all the promotional material, it said Bonehog. They probably thought Bonehogg was more metal. And as far my main group, our name is Cassavettes. Not THE Cassavettes. That's a frequent error, but come on, let's get it right in the print edition. Kidding. We don't mind at all, we're totally used to the mistake.

Second, if it's all the same members of Cassavettes playing all the same instruments that they do in Cassavettes but calling themselves Bonehog, can a version of "Carolyn" really be a cover? Weird universe to think that I'm covering my own song.

For the record, I'm allowed to bust the News' balls, as our friend from the Abbey would say. I used to be the managing editor there. And I can tell you, Bonehog is flattered by The Stones comparison. But we really consider ourselves more akin to Vanilla Fudge.


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