Wednesday, October 11, 2006

MySpace, you crazy site!

So, our file is still corrupted on MySpace. To recap, we uploaded our new single "On Our Own" a couple days ago, and since then it's been sporadically playing, but mostly just not playing. Apparently, if you link the song to your profile, you can listen to it. But you can't hear it on our main page. I sent the MySpace folks a note and they sent back at automated message. It gave NO information as to how to fix the problem, rather just telling me how to set up a music MySpace page. I've already got that! Any ideas on how to fix this?

Anyhow, for our next trick, I would think that we would release "The Nadir" or "Debts" on our MySpace sometime in November. However, Tara came up with an idea last night to post "Shine A Light" (the album's closing track, which uses a refrain of "If it's always the lesser of two evils, who can we trust to lead us?") the week of the general election. Ooh, timely and relevant. We'll see what the other fellas think about this.


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