Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Living it up in Paradise

Well, I'm not posting as frequently as I initially had planned. Hopefully I can pick up the pace a bit. Anyhow, we've had some crazy times lately, so I'll try to hit them all.

Last night, we finally played The Paradise Lounge, a club we've been trying to get into for the better part of the last year. Actually, we've really wanted to work towards getting booked in The Paradise Rock Club, the conjoined club, but that ain't happening anytime soon. Regardless, the Lounge was totally bitching. We put together our own bill of friends Cherryaxe and Dearborn Valley. You may remember both of them from interesting shows in the past. Cherryaxe joined as in July in Rockland, Mass., where we played at The New Song Folk Arts Center -- a two-story complex with three rooms that crowds could rotate through to see the three bands. It was an odd night, but these guys made it a total party. So we invited them to The Dise. Meanwhile, Dearborn is a group of older dudes who can really play, they're like The Jayhawks. They were on a bill with us in June at Bike 2006 in Laconia, N.H., playing inside an enormous tent to a "country music" crowd of like five people. They were almost forced from the stage that night by a crazed woman running the ill-fated country music showcase who hadn't done her homework and checked out the talent for that night. If she did, she'd realize -- Oops! Neither Dearborn Valley nor Cassavettes plays Shania Twain or Kenny Chesney covers. They don't even dress in all leather! Dearborn was particularly scolded for doing something original. Imagine that. Anyhow, they ruled, despite what that woman said to them, and so we wanted them on the bill, too.

Last night was a blur of party times. We danced during Cherryaxe and got a lot of the crowd involved, the crowd was all on their feet for Cassavettes and moving it, I played a cowbell for a bit of the set, Scott jumped off Matt's bassdrum about 50 times and Mike did that leaning thing -- all in all, it was a great night. The Paradise thought so, too: They invited us back any WEEKEND we want.

A slew of pictures was posted by Fritz and Melanie (log-in req.) here, here, and some in here.

I was concerned we wouldn't pull too many folks out. See, around here, it's against the rules of most clubs to book two shows within two weeks of each other, on either side of the date. This is to prevent small draws, which makes sense. If someone can just say, "Oh, I won't come to The Paradise tonight because I can see you next week at Great Scott," then you're not doing your job as a band. So, obviously, we broke that rule -- just this once. We just played The Abbey Lounge on Saturday night, and here we are, three days later, playing The Paradise Lounge. Why? Well, two reasons:

1) NEMO doesn't pay bands, so we were just happy to get the chance to play a showcase at The Abbey. But we NEED money so badly at the moment, and we didn't sell much merch that night at The Abbey. So we took this opportunity, but we DID NOT announce the Paradise show before we had played The Abbey.
2) The Paradise is a place we've wanted to break into for ages, and never could. So, the first date they threw at us, we hastily agreed. And I'm glad we did. It worked out fine, despite being a big gamble. We brought hefty crowds to both The Abbey and The Paradise.

Anyhow, it was a signficant day for the band, as well. We got a new home. For the better part of the past year, we have used a rehearsal space in The Sound Museum -- dank, two floors beneath street-level, but down for jammage at all hours. After viewing a room in Allston that was really inconvenient to get to, the guys decided on another room in The Sound Museum. I went to get the keys and check it out yesterday. It's fantastic. $58 per member each month, plus a security deposit upfront, but not bad. Anyhow, we moved in last night after the show, and it was fantastic.


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