Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Huh, time really does fly

Sorry, gang. It's been an entire week with no update. Sounds like someone is lagging behind. The truth is, I've been quite busy these past few days with midterms and papers and the what not, but I'm starting to see a break in the clouds.

First things first, today is Scott Jones' 21st birthday. Last night, when the hour officially struck (which by his calculation appears to be 10/25/1985 at 12:54 a.m. CST when he first came from the womb; thus making it 1:54 a.m. EST last night), Chris and I hoisted the boy to the heavens. Tonight, we're going to get some food and go check out our friends Age Rings and Ryan Lee Crosby at TT's.

So allow me to recap, for what I didn't post about. I'll do it day by day, and then general notes:

WEDNESDAY - Tara and I went to see our friends Fly Upright Kite play at afterHOURS, and then hopped a bus to Cambridge to see Age Rings and Christians & Lions play TT's. It was a wild night, but I picked up both Age Rings and C&L's new albums, and they are both really tight. Plus, Ryan was there, which always ensures a good time. He was also wearing a really nice leather jacket. Later, Tara and I discussed whether I would look good in a leather jacket. The decision was unanimously YES.

THURSDAY - Matt had to cancel practice to do some stuff with his long-time metal band Pipe. I didn't mind because I had some reading to do and other stuff. However, I canceled practice on Sunday, as you will see, so we're a bit behind. Earlier in the day, Matt and I talked about looking into consignment for the record. We don't have a label, and we don't have a distribution deal, so we better do this part ourselves. Matt's talked with Newbury Comics about getting "It's Gonna Change" into a number of area stores. Which reminds me, I want to make little stickers to put on the front of the album to pique the interests of passersby. Any idea how that would be accomplished?

FRIDAY - There was a party for our friend Ricky's 21st birthdays. Why is everyone turning 21 at the same time? Either way, I'm never opposed to good time parties. I left the party shortly after it started to see an old friend, Brad Skistimas of Five Times August, play at afterHOURS. Totally bizarre that an old bandmate and producer is touring and happens to stop at my college. But Brad's always impressed me; he works very hard and earns what he gets. Our music is nothing alike, but I think we respect each others' work ethics. Anyhow, it was awesome to see him and see how good he's doing. A number of girls who heard his songs on "Laguna Beach" and "One Tree Hill" were at the show, and a few of them KNEW THE WORDS. That's a pretty big deal for a completely independent artist.

SATURDAY - I had a doctor's appointment for a minor infection and now I'm on crazy pills that make my legs tingle. I also found out that after dropping 25 lbs. my freshman year, I gained it back slowly, then quickly added another 30 lbs. Which means I'm way overweight -- bummer. But the day got so much better from there. Scott, Mike, Chris, and I tried to take a bus over to Harvard Square to see Nada Surf play Row-A-Palooza (incidentally, we were submitted to play this but not picked -- not that I'm bitter). Anyhow, the bus didn't come so we walked a long, long way. And surprisingly, we only missed a bit of their set. We strolled into a huge outdoor crowd and got an AWESOME spot near the front, passed out a few flyers for Nov. 6 and saw my main couple Tim and Katie. It was awesome. We had to leave early because Mike, Scott, and I were on a podcast at 4 p.m. (Matt had a wedding to attend), and we were trying to figure out how to get to Davis. By great luck, our buddy Matt McLaughlin happened to be driving by at that moment, and gave us a ride. We listened to some of the new Slow Century disc, and were revved up. Now, we got lost trying to find the podcast Band in Boston (or The Flophouse Sessions) which is in a quaint house in Somerville occupied by Jen, Andy, and currently three fine dogs (one small named Smokey, one medium named Stella or something -- sorry, I'm bad with names, including dog names, and a large golden retriever named Duffy). Right as we were about to take a wrong turn in the Somerville hood, a man said, "You don't want to go left." I thought the dude was a nut, but alas, it was just our fine host, Andy. We went and did the show, and had a total blast. We did acoustic cuts of "Seasons," "Saint Anthony," "The Nadir," "Debts," "The Devil's Arms" and "Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This." It should be posted before our Nov. 6 show. Let me just say here though how much we enjoyed this. Jen and Andy are the type of people you love to meet -- just nice people, loving music for all the right reasons, and doing something really cool with their passion. We really enjoyed meeting them, talking with them, playing with their dogs. Man, we'd love to go back. Also, amongst folks we've been interviewed by, they were easily the most prepared. They knew a whole lot about us in advance, which, as artists, is very flattering! Listen to their podcasts and support! Anyhow, that night was a second party for Ricky's birthday. It was pretty cool, but at a bro bar. Tara and I left, apparently, shortly before a bro rumble broke out and someone got thrown on a car right next to Chris. The police came with a paddy wagon. Sorry I missed THAT.

I slept forever then ate a good meal at Boston Market. And I mean good. Anyhow, that night, as previously mentioned, band practice was canceled due to the fact that Tara and I went to see Paul Simon at Agganis Arena. It was pretty cool, I guess. He played a lot of that world stuff he does, which gets on my nerves after awhile. Even stuff from "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" was subject to reinterpretation and doing that weird off-key singing. All in all, it was OK. We're seeing Dylan there in a few weeks. Anyhow, late that night, after it got out, the band assembled with Aram for a photoshoot for the inside of the album jacket. We did a couple of locations around the city -- standard alleys, old cars, the bridge the Red Line runs over (my choice). However, the alley thing is so played out. And we do indeed look a bit angry, as some have said, which is not too accurate of our fun-loving personas. Check these out: in alley, in front of car, jack-knifing 1, and jack-knifing 2. Due to a general inability to agree on a photo, Aram is going to see if there's any better ones from the 100 or so he shot that night...

MONDAY - Mike felt sick and practice was canceled. However, I was assured by the company that we're still looking good to hit our Nov. 1 t-shirt deadline. Meanwhile, I had an excrutiating exam to study for.

TUESDAY - Took the exam. Finished my news column. Felt good. Hoisted Scott to the heavens and gave his a DVD of The Band.

TODAY - Clay is sending me some samples of the 3-song promo. He says it looks good, but I'm just hoping it doesn't delay anything. Meanwhile, Jaclyn is almost done with the artwork, and Dan's cover is almost finished. From what I understand, Dan is sticking with the computer art, but printing is on textured paper with raised ink, and then photographing it. This will give it the textured look we crave, hopefully.

Big plans for the rest of the day. Let's see how Scott's 21st shapes up. He took five days off work to party, so hopefully I can hang in there, too.


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