Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Deadline one: Met

What a whirlwind day. It started with a flurry of emails as I sped up the send-out date of the promo from tomorrow to today. I inundated Jaclyn with stuff to do, and being email, I didn't know if she was doing it. But like a pure champ, the girl pulled through. After fiddling with programs on the computer, I managed to burn Jaclyn's artwork onto a CDRW and send it off. At roughly 5 p.m., I sent out the promo master, the album master (to save postage), and the promo artwork to NYC. I went the rush delivery route, so they will get them by Friday. Maybe that means we can get this thing rolling even sooner!

Anyhow, I spent a good chunk of last night drafting a one-sheet and an album press release to be included in our revised press kit. Then, I updated the "Brief History" section of our MySpace with a similar, concise history -- effectively changing this section for the first time since the band really came together. It used to be about Scott moving up and how Mike and I went our separate ways and rejoined and a brief mention of Matt joining, but now it cuts US as individuals out, and focuses on US as a band, winning awards, making waves, etc. I like it. Any feedback?

Finally, I just went to Ryder to meet up with MK, who has done many flyers for the band over the past year. This girl is incredible, she does such awesome work. I think I will go back through our history section of this blog and link all her flyers to the shows they correspond with. That might be cool. Anyhow, she designed a new flyer for our upcoming Nov. 6 show at Great Scott. It is smoking! Our friend Brenna, who we met while playing some Rhode Island shows this past summer, actually designed a flyer for next week's show, after reading about our need for one ON THIS VERY BLOG! How cool is that?

Last night, Chris said he'd check with his buddy Ryan to try designing a new website for the group. Our current one, while very handsome, needs to be updated more frequently. So we figure we need someone close by. After a friend of Fritz's fell through, Chris mentioned this Ryan character. I'm down to letting him see what he can do. Maybe we can get this blog embedded in the site, for easier access. That'd be cool. I have some ideas to spice this blog up with some multimedia content and stuff. I'm going to look into it, and you'll probably see a shift at some point soon. Sound good?

Finally, earlier today, Matt and I spoke briefly online about shows for 2007. The goal is very clear: We want to play bigger and better shows with bigger names and better acts. We've established ourselves at The Middle East Upstairs, TT The Bear's, Great Scott, and other venues, and we want to continue playing those places. But we also want to try to land big bills at The Middle East Downstairs, The Paradise Rock Club, and maybe even Avalon and Roxy. I know it seems ridiculous to mention our name and these clubs, but as I told Chris last night, this band can't have any ceiling. We need to aim as high as we can, because I am confident we'll get there. It's all about going the right path. Anyhow, a step toward the Rock Club would be to play a few more gigs at The Paradise Lounge, so Matt emailed the booker there to see if we could set something up for late January (which may make us turn down a potential bill offered to us already at another club, by a friend band). I also said I'd like to play TT's again, since it's been awhile since we played there last (April), so we should shoot for a February bill. Plus, we should not only be trying to get great venues, but also be keeping an eye on what bands come to town. I sent Chris a message earlier today, since he notoriously keeps the biggest show list known to mankind, asking him to watch out for shows that we could potentially jump on. It's an ask and you shall receive situation. If we don't ask, nothing happens. If we keep asking, eventually someone will probably say yes. No harm in trying, right? And that's how it's done, I figure, especially when you operate without a conventional manager.

The DIY route can be a beast, but we're doing our best right now. I'm very happy with our work ethic and our progress. Today, we got a lot done.


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