Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Comedy + Rock = Comet

Can a comedian deliver at a rock show? That's the question before us now. Actually, it's not. I know this guy will deliver, but will he fit? See, for our Dec. 9 CD release show, we've got one slot that the club wants to fill with someone of their choosing. Today, they suggested a comedian. I think it's a swell idea, since it will make it a party atmosphere. I called the guys and only got Mike, who was deep into reading the dictionary. No joke. He was concerned that Sir Frances Drake and Antartic explorers make the dictionary, but Elvis Presley and John Lennon are oddly absent. Anyhow, Mike was into the idea, too, and noted that Bob Hope and Hank Williams often made the one-two comedy/music punch way back when. He's right! So, I'll wait to hear what the other two guys say and what the agent says about where he wants to play on the bill and how much he wants, and maybe we can work this out. Man, what a party!

Last night, I had a nice chat with my old pal (friend since 6th grade when he was just the weird kid in my class counting down the days to the release of Nintendo64) and ex-Duffer cohort Jimmy last night. He's now a blossoming recording engineer and TV producer, and singing lead vocals and playing guitar for the old ska group Designated Johnny. All of which got me thinking: With no disrespect to Jimmy or my old hometown, man, am I glad that Cassavettes is in Boston. Dallas just isn't a hospitable town for certain types of music. Sure, they've put the Old 97s on the map, but for every Old 97s the city launched 10,000 Drowning Pools. They love their metal. Anyhow, I remember figuring that Boston was a good place to start a serious band. Why? Because it's not easy, but there is respect if you push hard enough. If a mostly untrained lot of musicians can share the stages with the technically-impressive bands that Berklee shoots out, and can make a dent in a scene that's not the coziest, then we're doing something right. At least that's my hope. This band got a crash course early on, since we did our first record WITH Berklee kids breathing down our necks. So, we had to prove ourselves from the get-go. I think we've done pretty well up north thus far. Just a pat on the back kind of thought.


Blogger Fritz Ceriales said...

If you want comedy, try Mike Barrett - http://www.myspace.com/barrettoffends
He's a cool dude :)

01 November, 2006 07:28  

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