Saturday, October 28, 2006

Check-in on the company dime

Even though the dateline above says I'm posting this on Saturday, I'm actually posting this on Sunday. This is what I wrote last night (Saturday):

"So, I'm at work right now, with my main man Ricky, and I figured I'd try to do a quick update."

Right as I finished that line, I was sent out to do a couple stories -- one of which paid off nicely. So, I never got to continue writing the blog from work, but nevertheless, I saved the draft and the title, and now I'm prepared to update a bit -- although because I saved the draft it will say I wrote this last night. It's like time travel.

The band was able to get together on Thursday for the first time in awhile, and we sounded good. Nice and solid. Played a couple tunes, and a cover... ooh, mysterious. We've also been working out a new version of "Saint Anthony" which I think we'll debut at the Nov. 6 Great Scott show.

In other news this week, Clay sent me the actual print-outs for the promo. They look good. We ended up using an old band photo in it, but other than that, I'm pleased. Erstwhile, Jaclyn has sent me PDFs of the entire innards and outtards (?) of the CD booklet, and they're also looking good. Dan ended up printing the initial computer art on textured paper, then photographing it, so it now has a darker color and more texture. I was hoping Jax could scoop that dark blue from the new shapes to use for the text of the album. That'd be swizz.

In the bad news department, we discovered yesterday just by looking at MySpaces that a band thought they were playing a show with us, when the bill is already filled. The lines of communication were crossed, I guess. Anyhow, sending them a message telling them they aren't on the bill was a real bummer, and I felt like an asshole doing it. But hopefully we can set something up with them real soon.

Matt is away this weekend -- he's playing drums for Ted Drozdowski's folk act in Philadelphia. Hey, it's a sweet gig, he's getting put up for the weekend and everything. While Matt was away, we just got down to biz -- the biz of celebrating. We had a two-pronged Scott birthday bash on Friday (at Tara's and at the collective Matts') and then last night I hear there were two ill bashes at Bobby's and Melanie's. Unfortunately, I was reporting at The Four Seasons.


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