Friday, October 13, 2006

An aside

The exchange between Matt and his cousin Alex on each other's MySpace walls is really amusing me right now. Perhaps most famously, Alex's final retort. I'll copy and paste the exchange, and first add a bit of commentary to clarify what Alex is talking about.

CLARIFICATION: When we played a show at the Mid East Upstairs last month, Ratatat was playing the Downstairs the same night. One of the dudes from the band was chatting up some fans before the gig in front of the club. There were free magazines outside the club, and lo and behold, Ratatat was prominently featured, picture and all. So we coerced Alex (although he was pretty willing) to pretend he just happened to be reading about Ratatat and just happened to be walking by the guitarist at the same time, and then get ready excited and ask for an autograph. He did so, in excellent form, right in front of all the fans. It was a triumphant moment and probably an ego trip for the band, unless they saw us all laughing afterward.

The exchange:
ALEX: Man it sounds like some one is a little jealous of my LIMITED ONE OF A KIND SUPER FANTASTIC ratatat autograph that currently sits stuffed in between my back seat all ripped up....shit i shouldnt fuckin say that cause im totally tryin to swindle someone to actually give me money for it
MATT: nobody cares about your lame ratatat autograph...douche
ALEX: Ever try not being a piece of shit. Notice my period. Fucker.

For some reason, I always find it hilarious when these two rip on each other. It's all love, afterall. They're cousins. But one thing's for sure: Alex really likes to BUST some BALLS.


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