Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The winning side of losing

This is a good place to pick up the daily blogging aspects of this journal.

Tonight was the 19th Annual Boston Music Awards and although we were nominated for Outstanding Americana Act Of The Year, and plenty of good folks voted for us, we lost. That's okay, the event itself was interesting. Last week, we attended the BMA nominee party and hobnobbed with other groups and journalists and industry types. The outstanding moment of that event came when an older gentleman came up to us at the bar and asked if we were waiting for drinks. We both had a wait in store so we began chatting and he asked about the band. "How about you? Are you an 'industry type?'" I half-joked. He looked at me sternly and told me that he was the head of NEMO and the Boston Music Awards. "This is my event." Whoops! Nice guy, though.

Anyhow, back to tonight. We lost to Lucky 57, a very nice group of folks from Rhode Island. Back when we were looking to book a show in Providence over the summer, our buddy Kier directed us to Lucky 57 who runs a roots night at the club AS220. Kind people, I can tell you that much. The kind you want to know and work with in this business. They offered to hook us up, but we ended up finding another show in the interim. The gesture was definitely appreciated, though. And no shame in losing to them. What is a shame is that we didn't take advantage of the BMAs like we should have. We didn't "work the room" or anything, but rather stayed in our place on the dancefloor at Avalon and took the whole thing in. We worked the room plenty last week, I suppose, and last night was just sort of watching the events unfold.

The highlights of the night were such: Peter Gammons of ESPN showed up to accept the award for Best Blues Act shortly after a brain aneurysm. He received wild applause. Plus, our buddies Frank Smith played a song from "Red On White," and I finally got to take in Bang Camaro, a band that seemingly is 20 Andrew WKs onstage at once (though not as inspirational). Also, we saw a couple folks in the flesh that we've dealt with in this biz only through phone or e-mail (like Shred, a former talent buyer for The Middle East now at the Bulfinch Yacht Club, and Dave Duncan, the local show host at WFNX -- both of whom have been very instrumental in our growth).

Bummers of the evening: Not only did we lose, but only ONE of our good friends one. That being Jake Brennan. But Ryan Lee Crosby, Protokoll, Jabe, and Frank Smith were all overlooked for awards.

Fritz posted pictures of the evening. Not sure if you need a log-in to view those, but they encompass some of the evening, our dancing afterward to a Cure/50 Cent mash-up and finally our post-awards dinner at Uno.


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